April 16, 2015

Angel reading April 16th. STOP LYING

Angel message April 16, 2015

Good morning, dear friends,

Today's message is procrastination. Just typing this I can feel so many of you rolling your eyes and raising your hands. Why do we put things off?
It's easy for me to say that you're just plain lazy, and that would be a fair answer, but you're not getting off that easy, as the angels are next to me guiding me to give you the correct response.

Procrastination comes from fear. Period. It usually hides behind the mask of being scared of making the wrong decision. And under the guise of fear of making the wrong decision is the worry that if you do, you will be humiliated, mocked, judged, and finally, stuck with it.

The angels are saying that procrastination is one of the biggest lies created by the ego. And it won't do any good to teeter on believing this because this is the only truth about procrastination. It's a lie you tell yourself in order to not deal with whatever it is you have to deal with. Telling yourself that you'll do something later stems from either a lazy attitude or fear. That is it.

Now, if you're going to be lazy about your own life, don't complain that you don't have the things you desire in life. And if you're going to lie to yourself, then don't complain that you don't have the things you desire in life. Either way, taking care of your business should be the number one act you should be performing. Whether it's washing your clothes, cleaning your house, doing your homework, getting that cracked tooth fixed, and doing internal healing work, (my favorite), you must focus on you. You. There is nothing without YOU. Without YOU being consciously aware there is nothing.

Here's an image. How many of you have had surgery and been put out? While you were under anesthesia did you know you existed? Did you know about life? Or did you NOT know of ANYTHING? Once you came out of anesthesia is when you became aware of being alive, right? Without YOU being conscious, there is nothing. You matter. You're awareness is what makes YOU alive.

Get off the couch and do what you have to do. Step away from the mall and take care of your real business. Putting things off won't get you where you want to be.


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