April 18, 2015


Angel message April 18, 2015

Saturday, and all is well.

Today's angel message is about revenge and the law of attraction.

Here is an example to help explain today's message. Imagine that someone has hurt you terribly. Let's say it's a co-worker. And let's say this co-worker has gone to the boss to tell them that you were on your cell phone when you should have been working. After you've gotten called into the boss's office, you swear you're going to get even with your co-worker. You're so pissed that you can't see straight. You go home and plot ways of getting even. You call your best friends, one by one, and tell them the story of how your co-worker ratted you out to your boss. From there, you call your sister or brother and tell them too. You're so consumed with anger that you take it out on your kids, or your partner. Yes, YOU WILL get even.

Then you go to sleep and the following morning, you have a change of heart. You have come to terms with what had happened, and you make the decision to simply not engage with your co-worker. After all, maybe the co-worker was justified in feeling overworked. Maybe you HAD been taking advantage by being on the phone just a little too much.

And now, you go to work.

What happens to the thought of getting revenge? Where did it go? Did it truly leave your mind? The answer is perhaps, but, not entirely. Why? You are now carrying the feeling and the energy of what had happened. The good news to the above scenario is that you made the decision to not take action. The bad news is you're carrying the plotting and the anger with you, and it's a big feeling. And even though you say you're not going to engage with the co-worker unless it's work related, that big feeling of anger and revenge bubbles-up and stays on your mind. And every time you walk into your office, you immediately think of the co-worker. She's become a trigger for your emotions. And now, because this negative feeling is living within you, your vibration is low, and anything around you that has the same vibrational equivalency as you, is what you will attract.

What to do? Don't let it get that far. Either talk it out with the co-worker so that you can resolve the issue and let it fizzle out, or forgive the co-worker, or clear your feelings with whatever technique works best for you.

YOU WANT TO CLEAR THIS as soon as possible. This applies to anything that results in the thought of getting even. If you don't clear this, you will attract more of whatever is equal to your low energy. You don't want this. Believe me.

Thoughts are fleeting, this is true. But the feelings are what lingers and causes the reactions that you must deal with.


Terry Williams said...

You are always spot on! Thank you, Val!

Carolc collinspretty@aol.com said...

I cannot get over how much I learn from you! God brought you to me! So that I may better my life! Thank you forshowing me thd way and the truth and for your beautiful service to the universe Valentine!

Valentine deFrancis said...

You're welcome, and thank you so much for being on my journey

Debra Young said...
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Debra Young said...
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Debra Young said...

I have learned so much from you Valentine!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!❤❤ Looking forward to your new book on my list :)

Debra Young said...
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Sonia Beatham said...

Thank you Valentine for all that you do and all of your wonderful messages. I have learned a lot from you in the past few months. Keep up the good work!