April 24, 2015


Angel message April 24, 2015

In the still of the night, all can be seen

Quiet good morning, dear friends,
I AM what I am. I AM perfect. I AM talented. I AM brilliant. I AM relentless. I AM a warrior. I AM ever-so grateful for my blessings. I AM a creator. I AM capable of anything I set my mind to. I AM deserving of all good things. I AM good, just the way I am.

I AM are the two words in any language that carry the most importance. They are the two most powerful words for mankind. I AM states your existence. It declares your intention. It sets the record straight. I AM tells the universe that you're in charge--that it must respect and obey what you are.
How many times a day do you say I AM? Think about it. But when you speak these two powerful words, do you speak them in congruence with the Lord? Do you speak them with conviction? Do you speak them with love? Or do you speak them with venom? Do you speak them with disgust? Do you speak them with hate? Do you speak them while feeling unworthy?

I AM moves the universe and translates what you command into the flesh. When you say I AM, you are telling the world, and the universe, but more importantly, God our Creator, and yourself what you are truly declaring. Do you declare yourself as a loving, caring, competent, intelligent, honest, forthright person who deserves all good things? Or do you declare yourself as being fat, no good, stupid, pathetic, undeserving, and worthless? Because, the law of attraction is governed by what you believe you are. How do you view yourself?

The angels put this heavy on my heart; enough so that I had to get out of my bed at 2 am, this Friday morning, to deliver the message.

I AM here to deliver messages and to teach. I AM capable of doing this. I AM anything I want to be. I AM truly God, here on earth. And as such, I can have anything I desire. I can move mountains. I can heal. I can prosper. I can! The universe doesn't know the difference between I can and I can't. However, it knows the difference in the feeling behind each word spoken. I can and I AM declares the positive and carries power and intention. And I can't and I AM not, declares defeat and lack.

Today, make the effort to catch how you speak. Make the effort to control your words. Think about what you are saying. Think before you open your mouth.

I AM. Therefore, I exist.


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