April 26, 2015


Allow peace and you'll receive peace

Good morning, dear friends,
Step One
This is an exercise which the angels want you to do. Grab a pen and pad and carry it with you, and for one hour monitor what you're thinking. Every time you have a thought that is nasty, hurtful, hateful, or defensive, CATCH IT, and simply jot it down. No need to judge it or to get upset, just jot it down.

If you are serious about getting your life on track, if you're serious about having your dreams come quickly, if you are tired of not seeing results, DO THIS TODAY. This exercise is very easy but extremely important for changing your beliefs. You will have wonderful results if you do this step. As you do this step, and continue to do it, you'll feel a shift. You will see on paper what you're actually thinking. Your deliberate and intentional act of monitoring your thoughts is the most important key in the law of attraction. Why? Because your thoughts are rising into consciousness based upon what your beliefs are in your subconscious.

I have done this exercise for weeks. I still have the note pads to remind me of how far I've come on my journey. I have shifted my thoughts to such amazing heights and I have manifested so many great things. Do I still have messed-up thoughts? Of course. I'm human. But when they surface, I realize I'm not feeling good. When they first surface, I don't catch them. But as the minutes tick on and I suddenly realize that I'm NOT FEELING right, I stop and ask myself, WHAT DID I JUST THINK TO MYSELF? WHAT WAS THAT THOUGHT THAT I LET SLIP PAST ME?
It's in this process that I catch those pesky thoughts that sneak through the cracks and begin to examine why I have them. Once I examine them, I clear the connection of why they popped in, and I release them.

This is life here on planet Earth, kids. There is no escaping who we are while we are in physical bodies. However, doing this work will reward you beyond your expectations. Doing this work is the key to manifesting your desires. If you don't do the work, well . . . you know the rest.

Love to all.

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