April 27, 2015


Angel message April 27, 2015
Monday, Funday, time to Run-day, and good morning,

I want to address the emails that I've received since yesterday concerning the one-hour exercise of jotting down your thoughts. I think it will benefit everyone in the group.

A thought

Your thought is a way for you to witness your own self. You know you have thoughts because it is coming through and rising into your consciousness. You are pure consciousness with a physical body. When you depart your journey here on Earth, you will slip back into pure consciousness but leave the physical body behind. Your thoughts are to make you aware that you are alive; that you exist. However, believe it or not, your thoughts are not all yours. You are co-existing with billions of beings, and each of you are tapped into consciousness, and consciousness is THE MIND OF GOD, SHARED BY ALL.

Now, this consciousness that is shared by all also includes every idea you could think of and imagine, and what you can't even fathom.
The thoughts that you have all day long, the ones that seem to be on a loop, that you can't shake, are part of your belief system. When they run all day long, you know they're running, but you're believing you can't do anything about it. You are allowing them the freedom to trick you. You are not exercising your birthright to claiming your peace.

The exercise yesterday will aide you in claiming your peace. Writing your thoughts, to me, is THE most important tool any human could use simply because by writing your thoughts on paper, you see for your own eyes what the heck you've been thinking. You see it, and are faced with it, and now are aware of it. Once you are aware, you can't become unaware. Never! Awareness is the reason we are here. We come to this realm to see our thoughts manifest into the flesh. This world is the physical world and it serves a purpose. The purpose is to watch our thoughts turn into flesh. And it's our job to train ourselves to have beautiful thoughts that are congruent with how we feel, so that all these feelings of beauty and success can become flesh!

Take charge of your thoughts. This is your job. No one is going to do this for you.

I hope I've answered all those emails. Thanks, guys, for allowing me into your lives. 

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