May 7, 2015


Angel message May 7, 2015

Good morning, dear creators,
Imagine looking at two pictures hanging on the wall. They are almost identical, except one picture is of you, where you're happy, and loved, and having all the things you want. Now the other picture is almost the same picture of you, except you're not smiling. You're just posing as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

As you view these two pictures of yourself you think that the second picture looks so sad. You tell yourself you don't want to look at that picture anymore. You choose to look at the first picture instead. That's the one you want. That's the one you choose. That's the one that makes you feel good inside. Looking at the first picture brings you joy.

Everything you can think of, and all the things that you can't even begin to think of already exists. You have it inside you. All the answers. All the gifts All the joys. All the power. It's there. No joke. It's there, only, you forgot that it's there. Today is your day to awaken! Today is your day to become aware. You've been sleeping behind the wheel. You've let the car drive on auto. Today is your day to snap out of the funk. Pull your head out of the ground. Stand up. Straighten your shoulders. Demand what is yours. Command all that you want to show up. And is shall. It has to. It must. This is the law of attraction.

The law is this: you are born the creator, created in God's image, able to manipulate and dominate life by the very control of your beliefs and feelings. You've been creating since the time of your inception. Every single feeling that has arisen in your heart and mind is the power-launch for attracting something equivalent to its vibration.

It's all out there for you to take. It's there. Choices.

Choices. The angels are saying it's time to wake.


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