May 13, 2015


Angel message May 13, 2015

Good morning, soul family

Today's message:

Everything you need, everything you could ever want, everything you're expecting is already in existence. If you are waiting on God to do something good for you today, you're going to be shocked, because God's already done it. He's created it. It's already in your existence. Now it's up to you to allow it.

I see other posts that state GOD IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING GREAT FOR YOU TODAY. My friends, it's ludicrous to believe that God picks when He wants to do things for people. Listen UP! God IS NO RESPECTOR OF PERSONS. HE GIVES TO ALL. HE IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. GOD IS PURE LOVE. GOD IS EVERYTHING YOU CAN DREAM OF AND THE THINGS YOU CAN'T BEGIN TO IMAGINE. GOD IS NEUTRAL, meaning, if you believe you deserve nothing, that is what you shall receive---nothing. If you believe you deserve all good things and apply yourself, you will receive all good things.

DO NOT BLAME THE LORD for not having the things you want in life. Everything you could hope for and want is there--in your world. You must allow it. You must accept it. You must believe it. You must change your core beliefs into loving yourself and knowing you are not separated from the Lord. When you do, the floodgates will open and your desires will arrive.

The angels are adamant today. They want you to learn this. YOU! ARE! THE! CREATOR!
Start creating.


Karen Diamond said...

My sweet Valentine, I wanted to tell you this since i began reading your book, House of Intention. It is the most awesome book on LOA! I think I am on chapter 57 today. Anyway, I love you Valentine and I am getting everything you say.

Valentine deFrancis said...

Thank you!!! I've been getting quite a bit of mail saying the same thing. I appreciate your support.