May 14, 2015


Angel message May 14, 2015

The angels are so wonderful and have the ability to guide us without our realization. Yesterday, I posted a small excerpt from my book, HOUSE OF INTENTION. And the reason they guided me to post the excerpt is quite the validation that they exist.

I was talking to my guide and expressing my deep gratitude for helping me through a few blocks that were rising into my life. For several days I cleared until I felt better. As I was having the conversation with my guide, which by the way, included the angels and the Creator, I asked for more knowledge. And then I was told to read my own book. I mean, seriously? I wrote the book. It took me a year between writing it and editing it. Now I'm going to read it? Again? So, I took out the book and opened it randomly, and came across the passage that seemed very significant to me. And I posted it.

And now, the angels are telling me to post this passage as well. P.S. this is not to push my book, but only to remind me, as well as you, of this eternal truth.

"God is abundance in every sense of the word. The mere fact that the universe is in perpetual motion and expanding, and that nature flourishes all on its own, and that the human body rebuilds itself through its lifespan, and that love and breath are a constant phenomenon which keeps us alive, says that abundance IS a universal law. Abundance means growth and life. The life of the world is in the state of becoming, which means . . . abundance. If everything died and didn't come back this wouldn't be an abundant existence."

My friends, this existence is yours for the taking. It's yours to create. And all you have to do is take the time to understand that you must examine what is going on in your life this very moment. If your life isn't going where you want it to be, you have a block! It's your job to find the block and clear it. If you don't, that's your choice too.

I wish you all a peaceful, prosperous day.

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