June 28, 2015

June 13, 2015


Angel message June 13, 2015

Soulful, Saturday, dear friends,

Did you ever stand outside when the weather was changing from summer to autumn, and listen to the leaves rustling in the wind? Did you ever hear the wind move through the trees? That sound is a sound that will connect you to spirit. That sound will connect you to your angels. The wind is a powerful conduit for tapping into your higher self.

If you want to tap into your angels, and your higher self, take a moment to listen to the silence. Silence is your key to it all. Each human is connected to silence and craves it on a deep level.
The angels are saying that many of you are addicted to noise and can't be without it. For you, they say:

"If you're trying to connect with us, please take the time to be alone and turn off the noise. Do not be fearful of the silence, for it's within the silence that you'll hear your messages."

Glorious day to all


June 11, 2015


So, you can't force a person to learn their lesson, right? When a person is ready, when they've exhausted all their egoic ideas, they will drop their defenses and admit they need help.

We are not here to force people to learn. We are not here to force people to get help. Sometimes, we must walk away from those who continually drain us of our energy and emotions. Our life's journey is to move forward. If you're allowing someone to drag you down by taking your time and energy, it's time to tell them to shape up or ship out.

My motto: One life and I'm gonna live it to the hilt.


June 7, 2015


Angel message June 7, 2015

Good morning, dear friends,

I've received numerous emails concerning the law of attraction and blocks. The most prominent question posed to me is WHAT IS A BLOCK, AND HOW DO I KNOW IF I HAVE ONE?
First, I'd like to say that I've spoken about this numerous times, and many of you have purchased HOUSE OF INTENTION which delves into the law of attraction and blocks. However, for those of you who haven't read my post on blocks, I'll give you a brief summary here. Then, if you'd like, you can google it to study it further, or maybe purchase my book.
A Block . . .

A block is simply a belief or fear that stops you from moving forward with your life. The block is usually established from an early age and is buried deep within the confines of the subconscious mind. These blocks, or beliefs and fears, govern how you act and react to life events. Example: In your waked state, you may believe you deserve money, and you may talk a big talk about how you deserve to have money, but you still don't have money. You will then make excuses of why you don't have money--blaming the job market, or people, or life's unfair game--when under it all, in your subconscious mind, a belief was formed that you don't deserve money. There could even be a vow of poverty carried over from a past life. If you have a belief stored in your subconscious mind which states you don't deserve money, you will be driven to do things to align with that belief. You will repel money in various ways. You may even sabotage yourself just to ensure that you never have money. And this is done to keep with your core belief that you don't deserve money. Where did the belief originate? More than likely you heard negative money- talk from your parents, or witnessed financial distress and formed judgments around money. Again, all this is done on a subconscious level.
So, how do you know if you have a block?

When you state you want money, and you pray for money, and when you say YES to money, and when you do everything you can to get money, and still, you do not have money, there is a block. When this happens, there is a deep block (belief) dominating your actions, and therefore, you are attracting NO MONEY.
How do you clear a block?

There are people like me who specialize in finding the core blocks and clear them. Or you can do it yourself if you're serious about your life by examining the fact that you've done everything you can to get money but still don't have it. Right here, this is your sign. Right here is where you should begin to get suspicious. Everyone is meant to have money, love, health, and joy, and if you don't, there is a deep block which needs to be found and cleared out.
Remember, a block is a belief that was formed when you were a child which could state a number of negative ideals that the subconscious will carry out through your adult life. If life isn't good, find the block.
As a side note, I do clearings for blocks. I'm stating it here. If you want a session, please PM me. I don't conduct business in the comment boxes.
Love to all