June 13, 2015


Angel message June 13, 2015

Soulful, Saturday, dear friends,

Did you ever stand outside when the weather was changing from summer to autumn, and listen to the leaves rustling in the wind? Did you ever hear the wind move through the trees? That sound is a sound that will connect you to spirit. That sound will connect you to your angels. The wind is a powerful conduit for tapping into your higher self.

If you want to tap into your angels, and your higher self, take a moment to listen to the silence. Silence is your key to it all. Each human is connected to silence and craves it on a deep level.
The angels are saying that many of you are addicted to noise and can't be without it. For you, they say:

"If you're trying to connect with us, please take the time to be alone and turn off the noise. Do not be fearful of the silence, for it's within the silence that you'll hear your messages."

Glorious day to all


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