July 14, 2015


Angel message July 14, 2015


Good morning, soul family,

Today's message is about rising from rock bottom. I know we've spoken about rock bottom before, but it's come up again so I feel it warrants further exploration.

I speak from experience when I say that hitting rock bottom serves a purpose. For anyone here who is now in the pit of rock bottom, please take heart in knowing that it will serve a purpose.

 When you've hit rock bottom, you will see that you've exhausted all your ideas of trying to handle your life. The reason you've hit rock bottom is so you can reach for the Lord with full surrender. Rock bottom is a subconscious choice. The purpose is to align you with truth. Prior to hitting rock bottom, you most likely were in a self destructive mode; OR, you tried everything you knew but still couldn't get your life together. From there, you only reached for the outside world for help. Your thinking was stymied and boxed-in. Your subconscious desire from that point is to fall to the bottom, and it's done in an attempt to rebuild.

Liken to a building that is demolished, the only thing left is to rebuild. And the soul knows this. The soul had been crying out to you all along to listen; only you didn't. You had chosen poorly. But understand it was done deliberately on an unconscious level, so that you could awaken.
Yes, sometimes we have to fall before we can walk. Amen?

My beloveds, take heart in knowing that if you're down and out, surrender to the small voice. Look deep within and you shall receive the correct answers in healing your life.


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