July 30, 2015


Angel speak, July 30, 2015

Just breathe . . .

So, good morning, soul family,

 Well, today's message actually came to me yesterday, and I was told to tell all of you that today and for the next few days, to take a breath and have fun. Go outdoors if you haven't been, and mix with nature. For those of you near the water, go and swim, or dip your toes into a river or lake. For those in the mountains, take a walk. Get out side and get off the technology and reconnect.

Now if anyone knows how technology can become addicting, it's me. In my defense, I do many readings online so I'm on my computer all day long. But if you don't work off your computer, try stepping away from it. Even if it's for a few hours more a day.

The angels said we are taking life way too seriously. So many of us are striving to find our inner peace. And this is fantastic. But we are not to forget about the balance. We are not to be so diligent in our search that we forget to smile. Our true essence is one of joy and bliss---so I've been told---therefore, if we can imagine that deep within our being lives our beautiful soul, maybe we can smile knowing this.

Let's forget about the books and seminars and videos and studying and all the hoopla of trying to overcome our issues . . . just for now---just for a day---and let's bring back the child within and be who we be.

Amen. The angels truly know their stuff


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