July 26, 2015


So many people talk about the soul and yet, they don't know what the soul is or they can't articulate their idea of it.

 I don't believe there is a single human who can prove or disprove what the soul truly is. People have their own ideas and this is fine. I believe we each have our own idea about God, as well.
For the purpose of what I want to say, I will give you my understanding of the soul.
The soul is the core of your existence in every dimension, realm, place, space which is in total connection to the Creator. The soul is perfect in every way, yet is governed by the Creator, who wants to experience more of his own creations. The soul then sets out to acquire new experiences in new ways, regardless if it has been done, all for the love of the Creator, who in turn, feels what each soul feels.

The soul may decide to seek a new experience with which it will learn a new perspective of an old idea, and the soul does this by coming to any planet or realm it chooses. If the soul chooses an earthly experience, it partakes the experience with other souls and sets its course on coming to earth. The soul then occupies the human form, on it's deepest level, and allows the experience to happen. The soul and its human counterpart are one entity but divided. It doesn't interfere with its human side, and will stand back and allow.

If the human side does not learn its lesson, the soul may reincarnate to continue on its path to learning the lesson it didn't learn from its last visit.
When people talk about changing the soul level, it's an erroneous statement. The soul can't be changed. The soul is perfect. It's a part of the Creator. However, what can be changed is the core of the human side.

Think of a cell. The cell is the human side. And in the center of the cell is the nucleus. That's your soul. It's running the show, but can't be changed.

You are a soul, on a journey to feel new feelings, to create new creations, and you do it because the Creator wants to feel new feelings too.

Just something to think about.

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