August 1, 2015


Angel's speak August 1, 2015

In our hearts, we know we are free to be

Good morning,

In our times of loneliness and in our times of sorrow, we can be very hard on ourselves. I know this feeling as well as the next person. But my message to you for today is that with all your struggles and inner turmoil, you are forgetting that you are a unique, divine, entity who is one of a kind, who is here to express all that you feel, who is here to reach for the stars and to share your experiences so others can witness and learn from you.
Yes, my dear friends, all your pain and all your sorrow is also a part of a lesson to be shared so that others can step in to help and learn from it as well.
You are exquisite---one of a kind. No other person on this planet has your DNA. No other person has your finger print. No other person has your thoughts. Please know you are so special simply because you are. You may feel down and worthless, but that's because you are comparing yourself to others. BUT DON'T. Don't compare. Because the cover a book can be deceiving. The contents may not be what you think.

Growing up, I used to say things like, "I wish I was her, I wish I had her friends I wish I had her body", but I wouldn't want to be any other person but me. I couldn't imagine being anyone but me. And I'm grateful that I am me. Why? I totally get me. I totally understand me. I know I'm a loving, generous, intelligent, gifted entity. I know me.

And I know you know you.

Here's to you. Here's to you not comparing your life with anyone's. Here's to what YOU bring to the table of life.

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