August 9, 2015


Angel's speak Aug 9, 2015
Soulful Sunday,
The angels want me to touch on a topic that is rather deep, so either you can blow through this message and shrug it off, or you can think about it and let it guide you.


There are theorists who have diverse opinions on THE SEPARATION. The separation I'm talking about is how man is separated from God. Many religions talk about this; however, I don't do religion, so I'm going to tell you what my guides tell me.

Many of you know the story of Adam and Eve and how they lived in the Garden of Eden until Adam ate the apple that Eve had given him. This apple represented knowledge which they were not supposed to have; therefore, God tossed them from the Garden of Eden where they were now separated from God. I don't believe this story; however, many do, but the bottom line here is the separation. Why is man separated from God?

I was guided to tell you that man was never and is not separated from God. This experience on planet earth is simply an experience to enhance the evolution of your soul. What kind of lesson could you possible learn if you knew you could leave this planet anytime the going got rough? If you had full memory of being with the Lord, do you think you'd be able to function here on this planet? No. If you held full memory of what it's like on the other side, you wouldn't want to stay on earth... THEREFORE, it was done that we should not have memory while here; hence, the separation.

The separation is an illusion. It's purpose is to keep you on earth to learn and evolve. Period. It's liken to bringing your child to kindergarten for the first time. If you stand by your child on the first day of kindergarten, he won't want to leave your side, so you must walk away in order for him to move forward and integrate with others.

And that's what we are dealing with here.

Take heart. The Lord is within you. Always was. Always will be. Please keep this in your thoughts and it will comfort you.



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