August 4, 2015


Angel's speak, August 4, 2015

Do you not open your eyes to see?

The tide rises. Rivers glide swiftly amid the banks. Nothing stops, yet nothing moves. Time gives us a second chance, yet it makes us beg for more and brings us to our knees. If only we had a second chance. If only we had more time. But the hands of the clock have stopped. What is time anyway?

 The human lives where he dwells. And he dwells in his dwelling, which is his house. And his house is shared by the ghosts of his past; his future damned because of their presence.

Have you not yet figured out that you are time? Do you not understand that you are the river? Do you not know that you are the moon, the stars, the universe, the breath released into the winter's day? Without you, there is nothing. Without you, there is no reason. Without you, why bother?

There is a spark. It sits deep in the pit of your stomach. And if you gently close your eyes, you could imagine it. The spark is your soul. Your soul breathes life into the lifeless and fuels the dying flame.
The angels are urging you to be magical. They are urging you to make a special place for yourself where you can be you. Make a little alter with candles and incense. Get out your wind chimes, your water statues, your beads, your flowers, your pictures of the ocean. Dance to your own song. Twirl to your own beat. Have your secret talk with your secret friend.

You are very magical and you possess the power to change matter and energy. You are all light workers. Walk the path. Be the magic. Sing your chants. Rise the dead. This is who you are. You are angels, here on earth. Fairy dust, and butterflies, and cloud formations, and kings and queens.
Magic. That is who you are.

If you only knew what you truly are, you'd fall to your knees and praise the Lord.


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