September 15, 2015


Angel talk Sept 15, 2015

Good morning, friends,

Today's message is about symbols. Symbols appearing in your dreams are the true way of knowing what is happening within your subconscious mind. If you're dreaming and can remember them, jot them down. After jotting down your dream, ask what it could mean? Think about what's going on in your life; the things that YOU KNOW you're pushing down.

We dream in order to work out our problems. We dream to connect to our higher self. We dream to astral travel. In my opinion, we dream for all these reasons. But to me, the most important reason is to garner what the heck is happening in our physical life that needs attention.

Symbols. I know many people believe in the actual symbol itself. Example: a baby. Many people believe that dreaming of babies means a chance of pregnancy. I've been guided to say that dreaming of babies isn't about being pregnant. It's about new beginnings.

 Another example is teeth. Many people believe when they dream of their teeth falling out or crumbling that they are in dire need of a dentist. While it may be true that we need to see the dentist, the meaning behind teeth falling out or crumbling is the fear of not having your needs met. Teeth are a permanent part of our bodies. PERMANENT. When we dream of them decaying or crumbling or falling out, we fear our life is falling apart. The fear is wrapped around the belief that our stability is shaky; that our place here on earth isn't solid---that we will die someday. Our security is gone.
So, symbols do have value and serve a purpose. What do your symbols mean to you? If you begin to examine them past what your logic tells you, you can find out what is driving you to success, to failure, or to unhappiness.

As always, the angels are here to guide you---NOT TO FIX YOU. That, you must do for yourselves.


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