October 27, 2015


Angel talk Oct 27, 2015

Tuesday on my mind

Life happens on a dime. One day you're up, next day you're down. We've all experienced this. And when it happens, we don't understand the mood swing. For some, it's biological. For most, it's feelings that were suppressed that are trying to surface.

The angels say that when you feel that mood shift you must examine it. Don't let it happen without questioning why you're suddenly feeling down. Anger plays a huge part in our mood shifts. Often this anger is shoved all the way down and when it wants to surface, we fight to keep it in check. The results are obvious. We snap at people, or we're standoffish and cold. The people around us will ask if something's wrong and we tell them we don't know what it is. But we really do.

Life in a nutshell is about engaging with others. And as long as we have to do that, we're always going to feel something. We are beings who function on feelings. However, we're not doormats or fools. We're here to learn from these feelings. As adults, we should know who to avoid and what triggers our emotions. It's up to you to stay away from people who trigger negative feelings.
Trying to overcome your feelings isn't going to happen. We are beings who are governed this way. Learning to forgive is the lesson, but even then, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU MUST ENGAGE WITH THOSE WHO TRIGGER NEGATIVE FEELINGS. You can forgive, but still not want to engage with the person you're forgiving.

TODAYS MESSAGE: as long as you're on this planet, you're here to learn about you. You're here to love yourself first, forgive yourself first, to understand what makes you happy, and to create from that platform. If it's good, go with it. If someone isn't good for you, you ARE ALLOWED TO WALK AWAY. You do not have to punish yourself by trying to be the good saintly person. That's just ridiculous.

The people we encounter are here to teach us SOMETHING.

It's okay to say goodbye.


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Unknown said...

This has been my life this year. I have been questioning myself if it was ego or God. As I am sitting here reflecting on this issue, I read this blog. Thank you God for giving me clarity, permission and VALIDATION!!!