October 11, 2015

INTUITIVELYDIVINE.CO Angel message Oct 11th

Angel talk, Oct 11, 2015

Mindful Sunday, dear friends,

What makes a person do what they do? Why do people attack each other, hurt each other, hate each other, and then complain that their lives suck?


There is a backstory to each person. We are born with pureness. We come here on a mission. However, the mission is forgotten once we grow into our own. We are shaped by our caretakers and surroundings, and soon, formulate beliefs that aren't ours, but instead are of those belonging to our parents. Because of this, our divine uniqueness is shoved down into the dark corridors of our psyche, only to surface if and when we decide to find ourselves.
So when is it time to let our beautiful selves shine? When is it time to strut our stuff? When is it time to take center stage and let the world behold the glorious individuals that we are? What are we afraid of? Who is better than you or me?

So many of us cry behind closed doors. We feel slighted and misunderstood. We know we are lovely, caring, intelligent people, yet we shy away from letting it exude. We put our walls up to protect ourselves from getting hurt. We have our guards up to protect ourselves from being found out. So, the angels are saying today
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE YOUR LIFE? You are not here to live another's life. You are not here to give of yourself before giving TO yourself. You are not here to hide in a corner and not be seen. I DON'T CARE IF YOU'VE GAINED 50 POUNDS, HAVE AGED, STUTTER, LOST YOUR JOB, NOT AS PRETTY AS YOU ONCE WERE!!!!!!! You are here to strut your stuff. You are here to walk with your head held high. You are here because you have EVERY SINGLE RIGHT TO BE HERE.

Take back your life. Live YOUR life. You are not here to live another's life.

The angels know this is difficult to do. They understand the reasons for your walls of protection. However, they want you to understand that boxing yourself into a closed off corner keeps you from expression. It keeps you from your divine right to be who you are. There isn't a reason to live if you aren't living your truth.


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