November 22, 2015

SOUL=U=TIONS Angel talk Nov 22

Angel talk Nov 22, 2015

Morning, dear friends,

This week has been a week of SOUL=U=TIONS

I've been posting the word SOLUTION for four days. And it's a beautiful word to post. When we have problems, we focus on the problem and live in it. When we have troubles, we focus on our troubles and then live in it. But what would happen if we stopped, took a deep breath, and said to ourselves, I HAVE A PROBLEM, BUT I AM GOING TO FOCUS ON THE WORD SOLUTION INSTEAD OF CREATING SCENERIOS THAT WILL CAUSE ME NEGATIVE OUTCOMES.

As you can see up above, I broke the word SOLUTION into the real meaning by making it SOUL-U-TION. We are souls who are here to live an experience. So let's wake up to the truth and take advantage of our knowledge.

This generation has been advised of its heritage, and its heritage isn't that of the physical world. Our heritage is of the spiritual world. We, as a collective whole, are finally grasping this. We've known about it for thousands of years, but it's become real for us. We're finally getting it. So let's live our earthly experience by using what we've come to know as truth. Let's live our experience by using our GODLY minds to create anything we want. How?



November 17, 2015


When I am in gratitude for the blessings in my life, the conspiring universe reads that vibration to bring me more of that which I am grateful for"~~THEO

Angel talk Nov 17, 2015

Dear friends,

I am guided today to tell you that all your feelings must come to materialize. Think about that. Your deepest feelings and beliefs must materialize in the flesh. This is the law of God, who made all things, who made this world.

The angels are saying that as a being who DELIBERATELY came to the physical world to participate, then it would behoove you to understand the laws which govern you. The main law is the law of attraction.


What are you? Who are you? What are your feelings about life, about people, about love, about mankind?

Answer these questions by writing them down. READ YOUR ANSWERS. OWN YOUR ANSWERS. If at the end you don't like what you're reading, examine your beliefs. Your beliefs act like your internal hard drive. If you don't change your internal programming, then all you will get is MORE OF THE SAME THING. It may come in various disguises, but they will all be the same when you boil it down.

YOU ARE CREATORS. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. You are not some mindless thing in a body who is at the mercy of anything or anyone. START ACTING LIKE WHAT YOU ARE.


November 13, 2015


Your desires are in the works; especially those which are not for your best good. If you've been thinking negatively about situations, and daydreaming about them too, be sure they are happening as I write this.
All deep beliefs must come to fruition. That's the universal law.
So the question is this: Are you doing something that you know isn't in your best interest? Are you lying to yourself that it is in your best interest? Are you avoiding your truth for fear that you may end up alone? Or rejected?
Thank heaven we can change our beliefs. Thank heaven we can change our path. We have the option to experience what we choose. If you are experiencing something that is no longer serving you, time to change it up by changing your beliefs first.
Everything can change. That's the universal law.

November 8, 2015


Angel talk Nov 8, 2015
Peaceful morning, dear friends,
Today, I'm guided to tell you that de-cluttering your house, your car, office, or anywhere where there is chaos will benefit you in ways that you couldn't imagine.
When you have clutter, you can't see though it. When you have clutter, you can't find things. When you have clutter, you are disorganized. To unclutter your space is a good stepping stone to organizing your life.
Keeping your space clean, simple, and organized allows you to breathe. It gives you a sense of tranquility. It affords you more ideas of what you could do with the space---feng shui---or giving balance to it.

A simple action such as cleaning out your closets, draws, and giving away what you KNOW you won't use or wear can not only give you more space but can help others too.

Clean mind, clean body. Clean home, uncluttered life. They go hand in hand.

I have done this and still do this at least once a month. I throw away what I know I can't use. I give away what I know I won't wear. And I put things in balance. Some days I rearrange my office furniture, or I'll go outside and rearrange my plants. I balance my CHECKBOOK every day. Yes! That's a big thing. You must know where your money is. You must keep things in alignment.

Peaceful day to all. It's one tiny message received today but it packs a major wallop that could help you tremendously.


November 7, 2015


Angel talk Nov 7, 2015

Good morning, soul family,

Today's message is concerning the law of attraction. You know that I am an advocate and practitioner of the law of attraction. Everyday, I look for new insight concerning this topic. I comb through books, search the internet, pray to the Creator for guidance. Why? Because there is always someone who knows something more and can teach me. That said, I asked the Creator to teach me; to guide me; to bring me the lessons that I ne...ed to further my knowledge concerning the law.

I've been reading up on the topic of Theta brainwaves, which I've been studying for a couple of years, and found more writings from a particular author which has jogged my memory of what I had forgotten. As I read some of her newer work, I realized I knew this stuff but had taken it for granted that everyone knew it. I felt the connection when reading her work and knew to follow through with it.
An interesting thing about the law of attraction--which I knew as I read her work but may not have articulated to you in previous messages due to the misconception that you knew--is that when you are in the process of working the law of attraction, it's your attitude that sets it off. What do I mean?
Are you in a place of desperation when trying to manifest? Are you in a state of frustration, anger, or despair? These states are extremely low energy states; hence, working from this platform will not yield the results as quickly-- or, perhaps not at all.

I know that we all are trying our best to use the law so we can further our lives---so we can make better lives that are filled with love, good health, money, and joy. We all want these things. But there are two things that will absolutely prevent this from happening.



Your deep beliefs hold the key to your actions and what you attract.
Your feelings drive it all home.

These two things truly must be examined if you're going to purposely manifest. I realize I can't get into a lengthy lecture here, just think about what I've said and ask the Creator to guide you.

Have a great day


November 5, 2015


Angel talk Nov 5, 2015

Soulful Thursday, dear friends,

Last night's message, which I posted on my Facebook personal page, received so many wonderful comments that I asked my guide if I should continue the message here today, and so, here it is.

We are survivors, whether you realize it or not. We are people who always rise above our situations; regardless of how impossible it seems at the time. How do we do it? How do we get into rough times and yet, can always look back and say, I DID IT! HOW DID I LIVE THROUGH THAT?

The answer is we always come full circle. I'm guided to give you this example. Have you ever been on a major highway where there is a division? One sign says, local, and the other sign says express? It's the same highway. It takes you to the same destination. The only difference is one side of the highway gets you there fast--without interuption, and the other side of the highway takes you through local towns. Both bring the same outcome.

The above example is to illustrate that all roads lead home to God. Period. All our struggles are learning curves. If we ride the wave of hard times by using faith in ourselves and in God, we arrive at the shoreline unscathed. If we freak out and react in a non-productive way, we still end up at the shoreline, but it takes longer to get there due to the chaos we created. Either way, we end up where we're supposed to be because we write our lives.

I know so many of you. We gather here almost every day and share our struggles and our concerns and we are still here!! I can think back to January 2015 when I began posting my messages to you. Most of you have stayed with me right till this day, and back then, many of you were in hard times, yet, you're still here to tell me about it. You're going to be okay. I promise you.

The message today is about taking risks. Taking action. Some of you wrote me last night asking the same question: I KNOW I HAVE TO TAKE ACTION BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT ACTION IS.

I totally get it.

My guide always tells me to take a step. She always says to do one thing. It could be anything, but at least make a move. And this is what I want to tell you. Your action doesn't have to a major decision. It can be a tiny step---something as small as making a list of what needs to be done. Action is just another word for living. If we don't take action, we can't move forward, right?

I always say this and I live by this: In the end, nothing matters. We'll look back on our lives regretting what we could have done, should have done, but didnt do. In the end, we finally understand that we lived our lives struggling to find reasons. When all along, the reasons were just excuses to not move forward.

One day at a time. One step. Any step is a good step. And you're going to be fine. You always come out on top, don't you?