November 22, 2015

SOUL=U=TIONS Angel talk Nov 22

Angel talk Nov 22, 2015

Morning, dear friends,

This week has been a week of SOUL=U=TIONS

I've been posting the word SOLUTION for four days. And it's a beautiful word to post. When we have problems, we focus on the problem and live in it. When we have troubles, we focus on our troubles and then live in it. But what would happen if we stopped, took a deep breath, and said to ourselves, I HAVE A PROBLEM, BUT I AM GOING TO FOCUS ON THE WORD SOLUTION INSTEAD OF CREATING SCENERIOS THAT WILL CAUSE ME NEGATIVE OUTCOMES.

As you can see up above, I broke the word SOLUTION into the real meaning by making it SOUL-U-TION. We are souls who are here to live an experience. So let's wake up to the truth and take advantage of our knowledge.

This generation has been advised of its heritage, and its heritage isn't that of the physical world. Our heritage is of the spiritual world. We, as a collective whole, are finally grasping this. We've known about it for thousands of years, but it's become real for us. We're finally getting it. So let's live our earthly experience by using what we've come to know as truth. Let's live our experience by using our GODLY minds to create anything we want. How?



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