November 8, 2015


Angel talk Nov 8, 2015
Peaceful morning, dear friends,
Today, I'm guided to tell you that de-cluttering your house, your car, office, or anywhere where there is chaos will benefit you in ways that you couldn't imagine.
When you have clutter, you can't see though it. When you have clutter, you can't find things. When you have clutter, you are disorganized. To unclutter your space is a good stepping stone to organizing your life.
Keeping your space clean, simple, and organized allows you to breathe. It gives you a sense of tranquility. It affords you more ideas of what you could do with the space---feng shui---or giving balance to it.

A simple action such as cleaning out your closets, draws, and giving away what you KNOW you won't use or wear can not only give you more space but can help others too.

Clean mind, clean body. Clean home, uncluttered life. They go hand in hand.

I have done this and still do this at least once a month. I throw away what I know I can't use. I give away what I know I won't wear. And I put things in balance. Some days I rearrange my office furniture, or I'll go outside and rearrange my plants. I balance my CHECKBOOK every day. Yes! That's a big thing. You must know where your money is. You must keep things in alignment.

Peaceful day to all. It's one tiny message received today but it packs a major wallop that could help you tremendously.


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