December 7, 2015


Angel talk Dec 7, 2015

Step into my mind and witness.

Good morning,

To kick off our week, the angels are telling me to talk about avoidance.

What is avoidance?

Avoidance is the action you take when you aren't ready to deal with an emotional issue. The ego or psyche will create a distraction to keep you from thinking about it. In fact, the distraction or defense mechanism will even create a series of events that won't be very good.


The ego is fragile. It fears abandonment. It fears the death of itself. It fears it will crumble and fade away. Anything too emotional can trigger the creation of DISTRACTIONS all in the effort to shift your focus from the very painful issue to one where the ego feels safe. And these distractions are usually not good. They can range from getting sick, accidents, fighting with people, and anger implosion. Why would the ego create unpleasant distractions to keep us from an emotional issue? Because in this world, our collective consciousness is geared toward negativity. To replace a deep emotional pain--enough so where we stop focusing on it--we need something immediate to keep our minds busy. We will attract one thing after another. We might get sick, and then after we recover and that deep emotional pain is beginning to surface, we will then create or attract a car accident. When we're done dealing with that, we may get a tooth ache. And it goes on.
This is the way of the psyche. It will create distractions just to avoid deep emotional pain. It does this because it believes it will crumble and fade out of existence.


Today's message is about letting that deep issue come to surface. Let that thought come. Let it hit your mind. Cry if you must. Ponder it for weeks. Have your little Pity Party. But just do it. Deal with it. Then slowly release it by forgiving the whole thing.

Tell your ego there's a new sheriff in town, and you're taking back your life.


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