December 18, 2015


Friday on my mind!! Good morning, light workers.

Yesterday, on my personal page, I posted a question. I asked which would you rather? Getting what you need or getting what you want? The majority of people who answered said, NEED. And now I want to explain there isn't a difference in the truth of who we are.

 Law of attraction states we create from true beliefs which are followed by true feelings. If you are a creator, you are going to attract that which you believe... ALWAYS. So if you consciously desire a shiny new car, but end up with a used car, it's only because you truly don't believe you can have a shiny new car. SOMEWHERE in your belief system there are a string of truths that say you can't afford a new car; you don't deserve a new car; and you are not worthy of a new car.

Getting what you want is just another way of saying getting what you attract; and you get what you attract because of your subconscious beliefs and the feelings that surround those beliefs. If you WANTED a new car but received a used car then you got what you believed you are worth; hence, want and need simply void each other out.

If you are in financial stress and need money to pay this month's mortgage, then you truly WANT that money to pay your mortgage. Your NEED is your WANT. There really isn't a difference.
If you see a pair of shoes that you want and your mortgage is due and you have to decide on which should come first, you will be driven to your decision by your belief system . . . always. If you decide on the shoes instead of paying your mortgage, then your choice was you needed the shoes more than you needed paying the mortgage.

NEED vs. WANT. There isn't a difference if you are the creator of your life.

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