December 21, 2015


Angel talk Dec 21, 2015

Peaceful Monday, dear soul family,

I'm guided to talk about those whom you attract into your life. A question came to me asking WHY DO I END UP WITH THE SAME TYPE OF GUY ALL THE TIME?

You all know that I am an advocate for the law of attraction. So, I want you to understand that nothing is by chance. You cannot will a person into your life unless you have a subconscious belief about that person. However, you can attract a certain type of person depending on your beliefs.
Example. If your father was abusing your mother and you witnessed it while growing up, you may have formed several subconscious beliefs about men. Depending on the circumstances (and I'd have to do a reading to know the circumstances) you may attract a guy who is just like your father in many ways. And you may endure a terrible relationship, leave this guy, only to find another guy who is just like the last guy. Why? How is it possible to know before hand about the type of guy you'd end up with?

The subconscious mind is directing your choices on a deep level. Most people don't know this but the subconscious can size up a situation well before you are consciously aware of it. In addition, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is real, constantly at play, and will attract all people and situations to align with what it believes. That's how you will end up with a guy who is like your father, over and over, until you wake up and realize that there's a pattern that must be dealt with.

If you are in situations or relationships that seem to be repeating themselves, you have a core belief about that situation that must be examined and cleared.

The angels want you to take the time to view your life and your choices and just don't let them slide by.

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