December 9, 2015


Angel talk Dec 9, 2015

Stuck in the middle with you

Good morning, soul family,

Very interesting message for today. The angels are guiding to me to talk about taking ownership of your choices. When I log onto FB, I take a brief scroll through the feed. As I scroll, I talk to my guides and I ask them if I should address what I am seeing. This is what happened today. .
Taking ownership of your choices is one of the hardest lessons you'll be faced with but a lesson that will be your stepping stone to change and success.

We have free will. We make decisions all day long. These decisions are based upon our belief systems. Don't be fooled into thinking anything else. Our egos could be saying one thing, but ultimately, we ALWAYS RESPOND to what we subconsciously believe.

It doesn't matter if you've been abused while growing up. It doesn't matter if your spouse cheated on you. It doesn't matter if your best friend admits that they've always hated you. HOW YOU REACT IS YOUR CHOICE. PERIOD.

Let's be real about this. Blaming others for your life is not the responsible way to handle your life. No one forces you into reacting. No one COULD POSSIBLY force you into making a choice. These actions come from a deeper place that no person can reach but you.
For those of you who have been blamed for another's pitiful life choices, take heart in knowing that YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR INTERNAL CHOICES. Their choices were based upon two facts:

Their core beliefs about themselves and life

 Their chart

My friends, when you fully understand that each of you are here for lessons and for creating from the lessons, then you will not let another person trap you into feeling guilty.
Take heart, my friends. Life's too short for guilt. Own your choices.


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