February 22, 2015


What if I told you that your mind, the intangible element of you, does not belong to you. It belongs to someone else. And the only power you truly have is to choose from the ideas that enter it?
If you can wrap your logic around what I just said, then let's continue.

That mind, which does NOT belong to you, is the Mind of God. And within the mind of God, is EVERY CONCEIVABLE IDEA, AND EVERY INCONCEIVABLE IDEA, floating through space and time, etched in the atoms, waiting for you to pick from.

The mind which you believe is yours, isn't yours. It's Gods. Chew on that.
My beautiful soul family, we gather in this group to receive love, friendship, prayers, and of course, angel guidance. When we do this, when we gather and chat among ourselves, what is actually happening is we are sending out energy across this planet. This is not just some ridiculous theory. Studies have shown that a meditation group of 200 people, meditating at the same time for peace in the middle east, actually stopped the fighting during the time of the meditation. The test was done many times to ascertain that it wasn't coincidental. If you only knew how powerful your mind is, you'd be scared; because to finally realize that you are THAT powerful is like first realizing that you've been walking around with a time bomb in your pocket and that it could have gone off at any moment. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THAT POWERFUL. But remember, they are only powerful when backed by the feeling.

Today's angel message is about the imagination. Oh, yeah, the imagination.

Each human on this planet has an imagination. And I can bet that each human at some point in their lives has heard the saying IT'S ONLY YOUR IMAGINATION. But now, I am going to tell you a secret about the imagination, and it would behoove you to really pay attention.
Your imagination is where ALL manifestation begins. Your imagination is where ALL ideas begin. Your imagination is where ALL creation begins. Your imagination is reality.

How so?

Because imagination is GOD'S MIND SHARED BY ALL.
Now, reread that.
Can you IMAGINE that the space between your eyes, that place where you think, that place that does all the chattering, all the calculating, all the worrying, all the manipulating is the mind of God-- THE universal mind--given to each human, each animal, every mineral, all vegetation, to share and use and to create from? The word WOW, doesn't begin to describe the magnitude of this realization when you really think about it.

Do you want to know how the greatest thinkers know more than others? Do you want to know how the greatest inventors invent? Do you want to know why I can know what you're thinking, or what happened to someone whom I've never met? Because I can tap into the universal mind.

When you close your eyes and see darkness, and see the colors and crazy shapes that appear, what you're seeing is your thoughts moving about. Now, if you can keep your eyes closed and just relax your thoughts, those shapes slow down, and the colors slow down, and what you may then experience is just peaceful darkness. THIS IS GOD'S MIND--THE SPACE OF SOLITUDE WHICH WILL ALLOW YOU TO TAP INTO THE ANSWERS-- Which will allow you to tap into your guides and angels. But most of all, which will allow you to tap into God.




My beautiful friends. It was put on my heart today to tell you about your imagination. Learn about it. Go and buy a book about it. Understand who you are and how powerful a tool your imagination is. You spend your days imagining the worst; imagining revenge; imagining poverty, poor health, bad news. Gosh, if you only knew, you'd freak.

February 18, 2015


You can think what you want all day long, but unless you believe it, it's just not happening.

Angel message Feb 18, 2015

Good morning, soul family,

Today, the angels are telling me to make something clear to you concerning the law of attraction. There seems to be confusion over how we create. Having said this, they want me to paint you an image, so bear with me as I do.

Imagine you're on the beach searching for the perfect spot to set your blanket. You look to the left, you look to the right, and then you spot a nice peaceful area to rest.
You drudge through the sand, get to your spot, lay out your blanket, and lay down; however, every now and then, the blanket becomes covered in sand, and it's annoying. You get up, give the blanket a quick shake, lay it down, and get on it. But again, the blanket becomes covered in sand. Why? Because there is sand beneath it, and that is the place that you must tend to first. If you don't tend to the area where it originated, you will continue to get sand on your blanket.
Your thoughts are equivalent to the blanket in the above scenario. You can shake them out, make them nice and clean, but they come back because you haven't gotten to where they originate. The place of origination is your belief system, and your belief system is governed by feelings. You are a being who is driven by feelings. And feelings stem out of a belief. And a belief is when you have made a judgment on a thought and deemed it to be true because of an experience that backed it up. And this happens in cycles. Why? Because you have attached feelings and significance to each of your beliefs, so when a thought comes up about a particular belief, the feeling also pops up with it---AUTOMATICALLY. Test it for yourself. Think of a person who gets you mad. As you pull up the THOUGHT, examine how your body is reacting. Is your head pounding, your stomach tightening, your heart racing? THAT, MY FRIENDS, is the key to the law of attraction. The feelings that you are now feeling is the whole key to what you will attract. You are a being who is governed by the universal law of feelings, or the law of attraction.

Many people are under the impression that thoughts are the key in the law of attraction, but this is not true. It definitely helps to have good, loving, healthy thoughts, but unless you believe them, it's not going to work. If you hate your neighbor because of several incidences that had occurred between you two, and then I tell you to think loving thoughts about your neighbor, because if you do, you will get a lot of money, can you suddenly change your thoughts about your neighbor? Well, you try, and you begin to tell yourself that you really like your neighbor, and that you are being the good person by having these nice loving thoughts, but if you cringe when you think about your neighbor, do you truly believe that you have changed your feelings and thoughts about your neighbor? NO, YOU KNOW YOU HATE YOUR NEIGHBOR. You can tell yourself she's great all day long because you think you're going to get money if you change your thoughts; however, deep down, you're not believing one word of what you're thinking. Behind those new loving thoughts are feelings of hatred, and it's those feelings that are attracting their equivalent.

I see people pulling cards concerning the law of attraction, and they are beautiful cards, but you must know the meaning if you are to attract what the cards say. The angels are strong on this. They see you grasping at straws to make yourself feel better. They want you to understand how you think, how you tick, so this way YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF WHAT YOU ATTRACT.

My beautiful friends, we are together in this journey. I am here because you have attracted me, and you are here because I have attracted you.

I wrote this in HOUSE OF INTENTION and I believe it. When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. I don't know where the saying originates, but it couldn't be more true.

Think about the your thoughts and then examine the feeling you get from your thoughts.

February 10, 2015


Good morning, dear ones,

Well, yesterday's message started the week with a bang, and now, to add to it, the angels are going to direct you to observe your addictions.

Now you might be thinking, I DON'T HAVE ANY ADDICTIONS, but I am here to gently say, YES, YOU CERTAINLY DO.

So, let's discuss ADDICTION

Addiction is the physiological need to repeat actions. I won't get into the chemistry of the brain and how the brain releases dopamine as a result of your actions, which in turn, affect the pleasure centers, which then form the habit of needing more of the said action, as it is deep and complex, so by all means, if you feel you need a better understanding of this then I urge you to look it up and read as much as you can.

Addiction encompasses many things, and we are addicted to most things, including the responses we get from our actions. We can be addicted to food, drugs, gambling, smoking, sex, love, but did you know that you can be addicted to anger? And revenge? And hate? And depression? In other words, you can be addicted to the feeling behind each of the above.

Did you know that you can be addicted to the need to feel yourself conquering problems? Did you know that you will unconsciously sabotage your life just so you can rise above and figure things out, all so you can pat your own back and say, WOW, I AM WONDERFUL. LOOK HOW I OVERCAME AN OBSTACLE, ONCE AGAIN? Yes, this is a fact. You could be addicted to the pleasure you get from figuring things out; so much in fact, that you will create problems just so you CAN figure them out.

Yes, my beautiful friends, addiction is the repeating of thoughts and actions even when we are aware that we are doing it. Unfortunately becoming aware isn't enough. And neither is will power. Your will is not enough to conquer any addiction. The brain's pleasure center will win out, every time. However, becoming aware is the first step, but you will need deliberate secondary steps to overcome it.

Now, the angels know that in the physical world, you will have addictions. It's all connected to the development of the brain and the subconscious. And if you throw in the fact that you are here to learn to overcome issues, well, you can almost say that addiction is a part of the learning process. And I agree. And the angels are nodding their heads that they agree.

So, what addictions are you dealing with that should be overcome? I would venture to say that drugs, gambling, smoking, and overeating, are the usual vices that need to be addressed first. And why do we want to kick those habits? Because they are being used to not move forward.

My friends, when we stand on top of a mountain and view the dramatic expanse before us, the picture becomes clear and we gain true perspective. This life is what we make of it. It will never be anything more, or anything less. If you want a fantastic life, filled with all of your dreams, you must stand at the mountaintop and take notice that you are in charge.

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February 5, 2015


Angel message Feb 5, 2015

Good morning, my dear wonderful friends,

And I call you wonderful because you are. You're smart, you're compassionate, you're loving, you're caring, intuitive, and just down-right good souls. And never believe anything contrary to what I have just said. You are the best.

I woke with one message on my heart this morning, but I am now geared toward another message which I think trumps what I had originally planned to tell you.
The message for today is about judgment. This is a very crucial message for your growth, and is the number one problem when trying to attract all good things. What is judgment and how are YOU being judgmental?

The word judgment according to Webster's Dictionary is to form an opinion about (something or someone) after careful thought

To regard (someone) as either good or bad

law : to make an official decision about (a legal case)

Now, when we become a judge, we have taken upon ourselves to deem a situation good or bad. We have made a decision. We have become partial. We have become closed-minded. In other words, we now consider it done.

Judging could go in either direction. We can judge people as bad or good. We can judge a situation as bad or good. But when we judge something we have put a restriction on our own beliefs which now interferes with how we feel about the situation or person. In doing so, we now treat the person or situation in either a negative light or positive light, depending on which way we have leaned.

Many times, a person judges another without proof or evidence, which happens because of core beliefs. When this happens, they bypass the facts and judge by circumstantial appearances. Then they go through life harboring either negative or positive feelings on the situation which then LIMITS THEIR PERCEPTION as to how life should be.

The angels want me to explain that there are many facets of judgment.

Besides what I have stated, a person who thinks a situation should be handled in a certain way is judgmental. An example is you have a belief that money can ONLY be earned a certain way. This belief stems from a judgment.
You believe that love should come to you a certain way and because of this belief you don't see other opportunities to receive it. This is a form of judgment.
When you have a mind-set and are not flexible in your thinking, you are judgmental.



When we have become so self-righteous in our judgments, we push people away--we have closed our minds to all possibilities that exist outside the perimeters we have set. We then become blind to the light that shines in all other areas. Judgment stops good things from coming in. Judgment keeps all opportunities from entering your life.

If you believe life MUST happen a certain way, you are setting yourself up for a lonely, empty life. Think about it.

It's not easy being perfect. No one is. Give yourself a break. Give others a break. When you feel yourself getting ready to sit on your throne to cast judgment, ask yourself if you are perfect?

February 4, 2015


Angel message for Feb 4, 2015

Good morning, my sweet, beautiful soul friends,

Today I woke with a confused mindset. I didn't sleep well and had to ponder if it was due to something deeply based or an emotion trying to surface.
 As I sat having my morning coffee, it was put on my heart to deliver the message concerning grudges.

Now most of us know what holding a grudge means. It means telling a person you're okay with them, when deep down, you're upset with them over something that could have happened a hundred years ago. Holding a grudge is a form of self-righteousness and self-indulgent behavior. What this means is you feel justified for feeling angry with them; yet, you've not told them why you're upset. As you hold a grudge against someone--someone who may not even know that they've done something wrong-- you're behavior toward them is distant and curt. They may ask you if something is wrong but you respond by saying you're fine with them, while deep down, you're angry or annoyed and acting as such. The angels have placed this on my heart today and want you to examine if you are holding a grudge against another? If you are, let me tell you what happens to your body, your health, and your situations.

When you are holding a grudge you have a mindset of negativity. This mindset is full of anger. The anger is buried and works against your body by attacking your weakest point. So, let's say you have always had lung issues and have always been prone to chest infections. By holding a grudge, and holding in this deep resentment and anger, your body begins to break down at its weakest point, which is your lungs, and you find that you have developed asthma, emphysema, or worse, lung cancer.

 In addition to your body becoming sick, the law of attraction kicks in, and you attract people who are just like you---people who also hold grudges---and you find yourself faced with the same treatment as you're giving another.

The angels want you to understand that holding anger deep within is by far the worst enemy for your body and life. Ask yourself why you are not confronting the person you are angry with? Often, people don't have any idea that you're angry. Most cases, people have no clue that you've been upset. They only know that you've become distant and curt and don't understand why.

If someone you loved is acting distant toward you, wouldn't you want to know why? Talk it out. Tell the person why you're angry. Many relationships end because of unspoken anger.

February 3, 2015


Angel message for Feb 3, 2015


Good morning, dear friends,

The angels are filling me with a message that may not seem like a message, but trust me, it's huge. Today they want you to understand why you are here. This is not a life purpose message. It is more of an understanding of knowing who we are, together, as a whole. Perhaps the angels want you to see the bigger picture in order for you to understand why you must begin taking charge of your life---to do your part.
Please keep in mind that the information I get is MY information, perceived by ME, and is therefore quite subjective. If you do not agree with this message today it is perfectly fine. I'm not here to convince you or to change you. I am here to deliver my messages. If my messages hit home for you and resonate with your feelings, then please investigate further because it is truly meant for you.

So, its like this . . .

Imagine an ocean. It is there, just being what it be, moving with the weather patterns, not judging, not caring, just co-existing with the planet. Now, imagine the boats and ships that are crossing the ocean. The ocean is holding up those ships, regardless of stormy skies or clear skies, in order for the ships to carry out their missions. The ocean is playing its part in the bigger picture; because if it were not there, boats and ships wouldn't be able to get to one side of the world to another. Together, the ocean and the ships carry out their part of the bigger picture.

Now, imagine the universe, dark as pitch, holding up the planets and stars, and the mysteries that you've yet to uncover. If you go to the edge of the universe, as far away as you can possibly imagine, you will see a light, and this is where you will find ALL THAT IS.
ALL THAT IS encompasses what you can imagine and what you cannot imagine. ALL THAT IS holds all the planets and all the universes, and galaxies, and all the dimensions and realms within it, and you and I are a part of this.

Why this message?

Because so many of you don't get why you have to do your part. What is your part? Your part is to participate in the co-creation of this realm, of this world. You are critical in every sense of the word. You, one single person, are mandatory in what shapes this world. If you don't think you matter in a world of seven billion people, let me explain.

If you were the only person on the planet, able to shape the weather by your thoughts, you'd have full control. If another person is put on the planet with the same ability to control the weather with their thoughts, then two of you would have equal control. If a third person is put on the planet with the same abilities as you and the other person, able to shape the weather with their thoughts, then to keep the balance, each of you would be needed.

As the planet fills with people, who each have the ability to control the weather with their thoughts, what will happen if some of the people stop using their born ability to control the weather? The weather becomes out of balance, and soon, storms begin to form, and volcanoes begin to erupt, and tornadoes spread across the land.

The angels want you to learn this. Each person has the ability to affect every single thing on this planet. Your thoughts are so powerful that you could move mountains; if only you believed. Together, as a whole, if the majority of you were waiting for a hurricane and were expecting a hurricane, in a short period of time, a hurricane would come. This is called CREATING EN MASSE.
Without you, the balance is lost. Without you, things are left in someone else's control. If you look at our world, you will see that too many people have given up their control by not living up to what is expected of them as a co-creator on this planet.

You count. YOU MATTER. YOUR THOUGHTS are shaping your world, every single part of it. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS REAL.

I will be doing clearings today. Please message me if you would like to set up an appointment for a reading.
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February 2, 2015


Angel message Feb 2, 2015

Good morning, dear friends,

The message today is about taking care of your business. And the reason it came up at 4 am is because I woke from my sleep thinking about all the readings I had for today. As I lay in bed thinking, I was prompted to get up and go to my computer. In my email was a message from a client who asked if I could send her healing prayers for her financial situation. I wrote her and asked what the problem was. She immediately wrote back by saying that she wanted to book a reading but would make an appointment when she got back from her skiing trip. In the meantime, would I ask the angels to help her.

My first thought was "I don't think so, but thank you for asking."

When I finished responding to her, I got up from my desk and made coffee, and then walked to my window that overlooks the forest behind my house and stared into the falling snow. And I asked my angels, and my guide, what is up with people who dump their burden onto someone else and expect results?

My angels want me to tell you that results will not happen if you don't do the work. If you don't begin a diet regiment, you won't lose weight. If you don't put aside money every week, you won't have a savings account. If you don't do your laundry, you won't have clean clothes. What makes anyone think that they will gain spiritual growth if they aren't prepared to do the work? What makes people think that they will get favor when they don't care enough to care for themselves?

Question of the day:

If you don't care enough about your life, why should anyone else?

The angels are specific when they say that you must do the work. You must do the math. You must do the reading. You must do the asking. You must do the praying. You must do the digging. You must do the action.

 In other words, don't ask for healing prayers for your financial situation while taking off for a skiing trip. It does not work this way.

If you want to see a change in your life, take charge of your life. If you have issues that need to be dealt with, take that step and deal with it. Miracles happen. The supernatural is real. But unless you care enough about your own life, why should anyone else care?


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