July 31, 2015


Angel's speak July 31, 2015


The collective consciousness is abuzz with the arrival of the blue moon. It's been embedded in our energy--as a collective whole--to almost fear our full moon. The angels say it's all a myth. The energy is strong during a full moon, and that's a fact. But instead of worrying how it will affect you, embrace its beauty. Dance under it. Twirl around and breathe in it. Say your biggest desires while standing under it, and allow its pure ...energy to fill you.


Take the coming of the blue moon as a sign to begin your new mental journey. After all, your life is all mental--every single second of it.

The blue moon is your ticket to full expression. Move with it. Dance with it. Use it to your advantage. Pray by it. ASK while gazing at it, and then allow its power to be absorbed.

Learn about you and everything can be yours


July 30, 2015


Angel speak, July 30, 2015

Just breathe . . .

So, good morning, soul family,

 Well, today's message actually came to me yesterday, and I was told to tell all of you that today and for the next few days, to take a breath and have fun. Go outdoors if you haven't been, and mix with nature. For those of you near the water, go and swim, or dip your toes into a river or lake. For those in the mountains, take a walk. Get out side and get off the technology and reconnect.

Now if anyone knows how technology can become addicting, it's me. In my defense, I do many readings online so I'm on my computer all day long. But if you don't work off your computer, try stepping away from it. Even if it's for a few hours more a day.

The angels said we are taking life way too seriously. So many of us are striving to find our inner peace. And this is fantastic. But we are not to forget about the balance. We are not to be so diligent in our search that we forget to smile. Our true essence is one of joy and bliss---so I've been told---therefore, if we can imagine that deep within our being lives our beautiful soul, maybe we can smile knowing this.

Let's forget about the books and seminars and videos and studying and all the hoopla of trying to overcome our issues . . . just for now---just for a day---and let's bring back the child within and be who we be.

Amen. The angels truly know their stuff


July 26, 2015


So many people talk about the soul and yet, they don't know what the soul is or they can't articulate their idea of it.

 I don't believe there is a single human who can prove or disprove what the soul truly is. People have their own ideas and this is fine. I believe we each have our own idea about God, as well.
For the purpose of what I want to say, I will give you my understanding of the soul.
The soul is the core of your existence in every dimension, realm, place, space which is in total connection to the Creator. The soul is perfect in every way, yet is governed by the Creator, who wants to experience more of his own creations. The soul then sets out to acquire new experiences in new ways, regardless if it has been done, all for the love of the Creator, who in turn, feels what each soul feels.

The soul may decide to seek a new experience with which it will learn a new perspective of an old idea, and the soul does this by coming to any planet or realm it chooses. If the soul chooses an earthly experience, it partakes the experience with other souls and sets its course on coming to earth. The soul then occupies the human form, on it's deepest level, and allows the experience to happen. The soul and its human counterpart are one entity but divided. It doesn't interfere with its human side, and will stand back and allow.

If the human side does not learn its lesson, the soul may reincarnate to continue on its path to learning the lesson it didn't learn from its last visit.
When people talk about changing the soul level, it's an erroneous statement. The soul can't be changed. The soul is perfect. It's a part of the Creator. However, what can be changed is the core of the human side.

Think of a cell. The cell is the human side. And in the center of the cell is the nucleus. That's your soul. It's running the show, but can't be changed.

You are a soul, on a journey to feel new feelings, to create new creations, and you do it because the Creator wants to feel new feelings too.

Just something to think about.

July 14, 2015


Angel message July 14, 2015


Good morning, soul family,

Today's message is about rising from rock bottom. I know we've spoken about rock bottom before, but it's come up again so I feel it warrants further exploration.

I speak from experience when I say that hitting rock bottom serves a purpose. For anyone here who is now in the pit of rock bottom, please take heart in knowing that it will serve a purpose.

 When you've hit rock bottom, you will see that you've exhausted all your ideas of trying to handle your life. The reason you've hit rock bottom is so you can reach for the Lord with full surrender. Rock bottom is a subconscious choice. The purpose is to align you with truth. Prior to hitting rock bottom, you most likely were in a self destructive mode; OR, you tried everything you knew but still couldn't get your life together. From there, you only reached for the outside world for help. Your thinking was stymied and boxed-in. Your subconscious desire from that point is to fall to the bottom, and it's done in an attempt to rebuild.

Liken to a building that is demolished, the only thing left is to rebuild. And the soul knows this. The soul had been crying out to you all along to listen; only you didn't. You had chosen poorly. But understand it was done deliberately on an unconscious level, so that you could awaken.
Yes, sometimes we have to fall before we can walk. Amen?

My beloveds, take heart in knowing that if you're down and out, surrender to the small voice. Look deep within and you shall receive the correct answers in healing your life.