August 19, 2015

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August 15, 2015


Angel's speak, August 15, 2015

Peace to all,

Regrouping your mind is probably the second most important thing you can do for yourself. Stepping back and observing is good for the soul. We can't always be "ON". It's not realistic to push ourselves every day of our lives. Time away from routine is mandatory.

Today the angels are saying that getting off the roller coaster is a choice. They are saying that so many here are on this merry-go-round and prefer it that way because it's easier than getting off the merry-go-round to start over.

 The angels want you to know that peace of mind is yours if you truly want it. You may THINK you want peace of mind. You may say it to yourself or to those around you. But if you truly wanted peace of mind, you'd have it, simply because you would choose all things leading to it instead of searching for reasons to create chaos. And yes, all chaos and turmoil is the result of a choice you've made. I realize that this is hard to accept. Although to admit that you are creating your life, including all your chaos, is the first step in overcoming them.

Peace of mind is what we seek. You can only have peace of mind when you choose peace. You made choices every moment of your life. Examine them and see if they will result in peace.



August 11, 2015


Angel's speak Aug 11, 2015
The feeling of knowing is our higher self nudging us.
It's a rainy day, here in the mountains. But despite the heavy downfall, I feel peaceful inside. I had a wake up call a few days ago, and then it was confirmed last night. I am here today to tell you what I was given.
Today's message? If you have a deep, gut feeling of something you should be doing but aren't doing it, you are trying to not deal with it.
Okay, so briefly, let's go over this. If you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach (solar plexus) or if your heart palpitates, or if you feel a thought trying to come through but you find a way to push it down, it's your higher self initiating contact. Your higher self is nudging you to do something. It's trying to get your attention. You feel it. You feel it but can't quite articulate how. When this happens, it's imperative to stop and examine this feeling.

The feeling that comes over you is vague and gentle, yet you KNOW IT'S THERE. You know it. You know that you know it, yet, you ignore it.
How long will you ignore the angels? How long will you ignore your higher self? They are telling me that you cry out to them. You talk to them. You ask for signs. But you refuse to follow that gut feeling. They cannot do the work for you. So, it's either you take the initiative and examine that gut feeling or live a life that is filled with unhappiness.

Dear friends, a million people preach each day. They talk philosophies. They talk spiritual jargon. They give their ideas and say it's from God. Millions do this across the world. Each of us wants to be the one to get you to make that change. HOWEVER, I recognize this fact about others preaching their virtues. So, I will leave you with this.



August 9, 2015


Angel's speak Aug 9, 2015
Soulful Sunday,
The angels want me to touch on a topic that is rather deep, so either you can blow through this message and shrug it off, or you can think about it and let it guide you.


There are theorists who have diverse opinions on THE SEPARATION. The separation I'm talking about is how man is separated from God. Many religions talk about this; however, I don't do religion, so I'm going to tell you what my guides tell me.

Many of you know the story of Adam and Eve and how they lived in the Garden of Eden until Adam ate the apple that Eve had given him. This apple represented knowledge which they were not supposed to have; therefore, God tossed them from the Garden of Eden where they were now separated from God. I don't believe this story; however, many do, but the bottom line here is the separation. Why is man separated from God?

I was guided to tell you that man was never and is not separated from God. This experience on planet earth is simply an experience to enhance the evolution of your soul. What kind of lesson could you possible learn if you knew you could leave this planet anytime the going got rough? If you had full memory of being with the Lord, do you think you'd be able to function here on this planet? No. If you held full memory of what it's like on the other side, you wouldn't want to stay on earth... THEREFORE, it was done that we should not have memory while here; hence, the separation.

The separation is an illusion. It's purpose is to keep you on earth to learn and evolve. Period. It's liken to bringing your child to kindergarten for the first time. If you stand by your child on the first day of kindergarten, he won't want to leave your side, so you must walk away in order for him to move forward and integrate with others.

And that's what we are dealing with here.

Take heart. The Lord is within you. Always was. Always will be. Please keep this in your thoughts and it will comfort you.



August 4, 2015


Angel's speak, August 4, 2015

Do you not open your eyes to see?

The tide rises. Rivers glide swiftly amid the banks. Nothing stops, yet nothing moves. Time gives us a second chance, yet it makes us beg for more and brings us to our knees. If only we had a second chance. If only we had more time. But the hands of the clock have stopped. What is time anyway?

 The human lives where he dwells. And he dwells in his dwelling, which is his house. And his house is shared by the ghosts of his past; his future damned because of their presence.

Have you not yet figured out that you are time? Do you not understand that you are the river? Do you not know that you are the moon, the stars, the universe, the breath released into the winter's day? Without you, there is nothing. Without you, there is no reason. Without you, why bother?

There is a spark. It sits deep in the pit of your stomach. And if you gently close your eyes, you could imagine it. The spark is your soul. Your soul breathes life into the lifeless and fuels the dying flame.
The angels are urging you to be magical. They are urging you to make a special place for yourself where you can be you. Make a little alter with candles and incense. Get out your wind chimes, your water statues, your beads, your flowers, your pictures of the ocean. Dance to your own song. Twirl to your own beat. Have your secret talk with your secret friend.

You are very magical and you possess the power to change matter and energy. You are all light workers. Walk the path. Be the magic. Sing your chants. Rise the dead. This is who you are. You are angels, here on earth. Fairy dust, and butterflies, and cloud formations, and kings and queens.
Magic. That is who you are.

If you only knew what you truly are, you'd fall to your knees and praise the Lord.


August 2, 2015


Angel's speak Aug 2, 2015
You are soooo worth it,
Peace to all,
Today's message came at 5 am, this morning. It's a very profound message that many of you will relate to.
We give so much of ourselves to that special friend or partner, right? We encourage them when they're down. We run errands for them if they need help. When they have a bad day, we're there to pick them up. We do everything but wipe their butts, isn't that the truth? We do it because we feel close to them. We do it because we feel concern for them. We do it because we fit in with them. Then, they turn around and instead of referring to you as their bestie, they call someone else their bestie. In other words, for all you do for them, you're still not recognized as the special friend or person in their lives.
Take heart, friends. In the scheme of life, there's a major lesson for you. It's called ownership.
I had a friend whom I did everything for. I even turned down dates if this friend was having a really tough time with things. I only wanted to be recognized as the best friend. I wanted to feel special. I wanted to be the "best friend". But in the end, after years of doing for this friend, I learned she hated me---told people I made her sick to her stomach. Imagine how hurt and confused this made me feel; especially when I believed all the years of being the best friend was reciprocated.
I'm telling this to you because it's put on my heart that many of you have gone out of your way for another. You've been there for them when they were down and out. You helped them in all ways possible. You gave, gave, and gave some more, but have been shoved to the side for some other friend or perhaps not included in some group thing.
The angels are surrounding you right now and want you to know this. They are next to you holding out their hands. They want you to imagine this in your heart and mind, so that you can reach for their comfort.
The angels say that there is a lesson for all you care takers, givers, and beautiful hearts. The lesson is one of the biggest lessons you'll learn, and that is to take care of you first by understanding why you want certain people in your life.
Each person in your life comes in to serve a valuable lesson. Ask yourself what the lesson is for the person you're involved with, with whom you give so much only to not have it reciprocated.
Take heart, dear friends. You shall be comforted

August 1, 2015


Angel's speak August 1, 2015

In our hearts, we know we are free to be

Good morning,

In our times of loneliness and in our times of sorrow, we can be very hard on ourselves. I know this feeling as well as the next person. But my message to you for today is that with all your struggles and inner turmoil, you are forgetting that you are a unique, divine, entity who is one of a kind, who is here to express all that you feel, who is here to reach for the stars and to share your experiences so others can witness and learn from you.
Yes, my dear friends, all your pain and all your sorrow is also a part of a lesson to be shared so that others can step in to help and learn from it as well.
You are exquisite---one of a kind. No other person on this planet has your DNA. No other person has your finger print. No other person has your thoughts. Please know you are so special simply because you are. You may feel down and worthless, but that's because you are comparing yourself to others. BUT DON'T. Don't compare. Because the cover a book can be deceiving. The contents may not be what you think.

Growing up, I used to say things like, "I wish I was her, I wish I had her friends I wish I had her body", but I wouldn't want to be any other person but me. I couldn't imagine being anyone but me. And I'm grateful that I am me. Why? I totally get me. I totally understand me. I know I'm a loving, generous, intelligent, gifted entity. I know me.

And I know you know you.

Here's to you. Here's to you not comparing your life with anyone's. Here's to what YOU bring to the table of life.