January 5, 2016


Angel talk Jan 5, 2016

There's nothing goin' on but the rent

Okay, so this message is very straight-up. Read it, read it again, and then examine yourself to see if it applies to you.
If you were to watch a movie on TV or at your local cinema, you would be observing the movie from your seat, taking it all in, getting mentally involved as though the story is real, correct? But is it actually real? Is it happening? No. It's not. It's your imagination taking over and placing you into the story; leaving you with unresolved emotions at the end.
So if an imaginative story could evoke so much emotion from you, is it possible that half the drama in your life is created by you and not really happening?

When you take a situation and allow yourself to step away from it, you will find that there's nothing going on. If you've been in a situation where you find yourself dwelling on what could happen, then you're creating a future outcome---IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET.
If you're in a situation where you're dwelling on what HAD happened, you're creating a scene over and over--IT'S NOT REAL. IT'S OVER.

So, what is ACTUALLY happening at any given moment? Step away and view it as if it's on a TV screen. You are the creator of all outcomes. There's really nothing going on but your input--your imagination, your judgment, isn't that correct?

TODAY'S MESSAGE? If you would put as much imagination into your dreams and goals as you do in situations that aren't quite as real, you'd be quite successful.
Focus on what's happening in this moment and work from that platform.

2016 is the year for major change. BUT YOU MUST DO YOUR WORK


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