March 8, 2016


Empty words come from an empty heart. If you are a person who speaks with empty words---false promises that you KNOW you won't keep---then understand that you will get back emptiness in all ways.

The law of attraction isn't very hard to understand. However, you have to believe in it. You also have to truly understand how it works--and that it works every second of your life, whether you believe in it or not. So, a person who speaks with empty words is a person who is self-centered and egotistical.

What you carry in your heart is what you get created in your life.

If you smile in someone's face but hold contempt and hatred, you will get back situations of anger and hate. You can put on your poker face all day long but you will attract what you're truly feeling.
If you hold jealousy in your heart, you will get lack. If you hold anger, you will get hate. Your mind is the canvas with which you create. All your deep feelings come up and get painted on the canvas of your mind by using your imagination. All the scenarios you paint, you paint using your imagination.

The feelings you feel are the paint that gets spread across this canvas. And when you're done painting your picture, it shall become manifest very shortly.

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