March 3, 2016


Imagine . . .

You're walking in a field and see nothing but fog. It's thick, slow moving, and mysterious. You tell yourself you're afraid and that you need your angels to protect you, and poof. In front of you, this fog manifests into an angel. The angel tells you to continue asking for what you want.

Still surrounded in this mysterious, thick fog, you dig into your heart and think, I want a house. After you say it, the thick fog begins to manifest the house of your dreams, right in front of you.
Next, your angel tells you to think of something else that you've been wanting so badly, and you think, I want the perfect mate. And no sooner do you think it, your perfect mate begins to take form in the wondrous, formless fog. You turn to your angel and with deep gratitude say, "What is this magnificent fog which gives me all that I desire?"

 And your angel answers, "This fog is the pure intelligence of creation. This fog is our Creator. Be careful of what you desire, for what is truly desirous shall be made flesh."

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