May 16, 2016


Angel talk May 16, 2016

Being great doesn't mean being a bullish bragger. Being great is who you are. The need to step into this greatness is what gets you up each day. On a deeper level, the need is called purpose.

Each one of us has a master plan---a divine purpose for which we came to learn and fulfill. The fact that you are here with me tells me you're in search of it. I believe we all are in search of it.

So, today's question is this: if we are searching for our purpose, why do so many people ...struggle to find it?
What your ego says to you is entirely untrue and probably not in alignment with what your soul is guiding you to do.

Why do we not listen to our guts? The answer is beliefs.

Why do we search for more? The answer is progression.

Why are we made this way?

MY answer is we are co-creators with the Divine Creator, God, Father God, Lord, The One. We are made in His image and that image is pure consciousness which creates.

I am a master and I teach. Those who come to me are ready to evolve. If you're ready, join me.

Valentine deFrancis

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