May 28, 2016


I'm an advocate for the law of attraction. I have researched it, studied it, practiced it, documented it, and have formulated my belief that it's real and that's how the physical world operates. ...
Regardless of your belief or understanding of this law, it exists. So it would behoove you to learn it Use it. You're supposed to. It's a God-law.


The law of giving and receiving is another law that isn't just some made-up hype. Under this law, what you give you get. Call it karma. Call it payback. But no matter what you call it, learn it.
The law of giving and receiving has many facets. When you give freely of money, love, friendship, knowledge, the law brings you more. You have made room for more simply because you're sharing. We are creators. Giving, as the Lord does, is to bring back what you've given. Study this law.

The law of creating is another law. Under this law we are here to create. We have to---we are pure consciousness here to show expression. Simply by belief and feeling, creation happens. It happens simply because we were made in God's image. We are here to use this law. We are here to understand this law and to use it for our best and highest good---not just for ourselves, but for the collective whole.

There are laws that I haven't touched upon. Just know, like the law of gravity, there are other laws that if practiced and utilized with purpose, will benefit you as well as the planet

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