May 29, 2016


Law of Attraction.

This comes from a deep place today. Take what you can from it, or not.

 The only thing that matters is your state of mind. NOTHING else matters. Your state of mind at any given moment is your reality. If you don't examine what you're feeling, your life will spiral out of control.

As you go through your day, feelings well-up. You may find yourself muttering under your breath. You may hear yourself cursing or swearing. You may find yourself hating someone, or hating your job or current living arrangements. There is ALWAYS something happening within which is causing you to feel. If you don't stop, take a big breath, and examine why you're feeling the way you do, you will attract situations which are in vibrational alignment with those feelings.

The law that governs the physical world is operating whether you believe it or not. So, to wave it away won't work. Why not try examining your beliefs? Seriously? How long can it take? Shouldn't your mind be THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to care for? Think about it. Everything is happening there. All your joy is there. All your anger is there. All your ideas. Your vindictive thoughts. Your likes, your dislikes. EVERYTHING IS IN THERE. Shouldn't that be enough motive to fix it?

You take care of your hair, your makeup, your nails, your clothes, and yet, when it's said and done, you're unhappy. The thing to fix is your mind. The rest will follow.

Peace of mind to you, always xo

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