June 18, 2016

Angel talk June 18th, LOVE IS REALLY ALL YOU NEED

Love is all you need.

I know this is cliché, but it you really give this thought, you could turn your day around. If people treat you unkindly, remember that they are the ones suffering. Only those who suffer act it out. So try to remember this when someone isn't nice to you, or if you're being treated very unfairly.

You have you! If you value yourself and value who you are in God's eyes, you'll see that you're beautiful, charming, loving, giving, caring and all the other good stuff. If someone is jealous of you, there's your reason. If someone is mean to you, there's your reason.

 You got the goods. So try to love today, even those who are horrible to you. They're only acting out how they deeply feel.

Love is all you need... yeah, baby!

Peace xo

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