June 21, 2016


Summer madness, indeed.

What is it about the summer that brings madness? I want to talk about collective energy today.
There are many vortexes across the world where the energy is strong and holds collective history. These vortexes, so I've read, can be felt very strongly. These vortexes can alter our feelings because as a whole, we can feel the emotion carried within them.

That said, our seasons hold a feeling as well. The summer is a time when people are so glad to see the sun and be outdoors. But there's an element of depression it carries too.
It's in the summer months when we finally see what the winter had harvested. You'll see many pregnant women. You'll see those who had gained a few pounds. You'll see partners straying from each other. You'll see jealousy. The summer, for all it's fun and sun, carries an element of sadness, for it's also in this time when we desire so much more in life and don't know how to get it.

The angels want you to examine your feelings around this.

Peace xo

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