July 17, 2016

You'll Get Answers After You Exercise Angel Talk July 17

Angel talk July 17th

Good morning and all is well,

The angels are happy to be here this morning and they're telling me that they want you to be out in the air today.
Exercise is critical. Your body is extremely important and taking care of it is your job. Eating right and appreciating it, whether it's pretty or not as pretty as you'd like it to be, is the key.

The reason for the exercise isn't for weight issues, although, it helps. But the main reason for the exercise is for the release of endorphin's.
When you walk or do any form of exercise, your body gives off chemicals that relax you and make you feel more at peace. This is conducive to raising your vibration.

So, walk in the rain, the sunshine, or go swimming or running. Do anything outdoors and let yourself be.

Your answers will come to you more easily if you do this first before trying to figure out a major issue

Peace xo

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