August 5, 2016


Guidance today is on the relationship front. There is an element of worry over finding love and keeping a relationship.

The message today is very eloquent in respect to simplistic realizations. Those of you looking for love and marriage will find it if you examine two beliefs.

1--Do you truly believe you deserve to have love?
2--Are you being unrealistic in your expectations and approach to finding love?

The angels want you to examine your beliefs in relation to the two questions. The above beliefs are holding you back from finding what you're looking for.
If you truly believe you deserve to be happy, you will. Stop hunting down love. Stop chasing those who are showing you they don't want to be chased!!!
Loving yourself first and examining your beliefs will bring love to you. Also, take care of your health and body.

Love comes to those who truly understand the mechanics of the law of attraction. Love YOU first. Then the relationship comes to you.

Peace x