February 18, 2018


Psychic vampires.

We all know them. They are the people who don't think for themselves. Don't do the work. Talk about themselves all day long. They don't have nice things to say and complain about EVERYTHING. They dump their junk on your lap and expect you to help them. They don't take the blame for anything and blame everyone else for their troubles.

We need to set boundaries. Not just verbal boundaries but mental boundaries. If you allow, you'll end up swallowed. If you put your foot down and take charge, you'll stay strong and vibrant.

There are ways to ground yourself. You can imagine the bubble of light. You can smudge the energy in your space. But one thing you must do regardless of which method you use and that is to set your intention that no person, no entity, no place, no thing, will take you down and that you are fully loved, protected, and guided by Father God, Creator of All That is.

Lastly, don't let anyone break your groove. Don't let anyone get in your happy. Don't let another's problem become your problem.

Attack back by putting up your hand and saying NO MORE.

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