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Promotion. Leveling up. Newness. Evolving. Soulutions.

Angel talk July 17th

This is a day that requires your strength and direct focus on that thing that you've been wanting. Here's what the angels say.
Choose your words wisely. Think before you speak. Ask before you act. When you paint a picture in your mind of that desire that you so strongly seek, paint it with purples and yellows and then leave the picture with a loving heart. DO NOT TAKE THE PICTURE DOWN WITH DOUBT.


Happy day to all


Angel talk June 30th

The month goes out with big advice!

Self-trickery will cause you big problems in the next two months. Stick to what you know and finish it up.
Ego lies and if you keep believing the lie you're setting yourself up for major disappointment. Look around and pay attention. If you suspect, more than likely it is.

HEALTH ISSUES are around this. Joint issues, stomach issues, and neck issues are tied into not facing your truth.

Bottom line? Face what you see and know that you're witnessing the very situations that you are creating.

If you suspect it, take action.


ANGEL TALK June 26th

Sometimes, our journey is so heavy that it makes us feel we're walking alone.
My guide is saying take heart in knowing that walking alone is when you're on the right path.
Those of us who feel lonely and who feel there isn't any support are to have faith. WE ARE NOT ALONE.
If you're walking your truth then you must walk it alone as it's ONLY YOUR TRUTH and no one can walk it for you or with you. YOUR truth is a divine experience which others couldn't possibly understand. Those who leave us, who pull away, and who disappear from our lives with no warning were meant to do this. They gave of their time for ONLY what we needed at that moment.
My good friends, feed your soul with the inner acceptance that you will walk REGARDLESS of who's by your side.

You came in alone. You go out alone. The rest is just fillers. Take heart you're on the correct path and know the Lord keeps you strong.



Angel talk June 20th

Move with your own flow.

My guides are very strong on this. It's wise to follow your own pace and to do the things that fill you with peace and happiness. Do not follow the path others take as it's not your path. Do not be envious of others as you don't know what's in their thoughts.

For today and the rest of this week, move with your instincts. Do NOT discount your gut feeling.


Angel talk May 15th

This message comes at 4:15 am eastern time. Why do I mention the time? Because the message needs to get to you.
The highers are telling me to talk about excuses. What's your's?
The excuses you use will keep you stuck. The excuses you use are nothing but a pack of lies you tell yourself simply because you fear stepping into the unknown.
Your excuses have become your story.
The highers are strong on this. Take a close look at your excuses. Ask yourself if you're happy using your excuse.

Remember this: As the years tick by, you're not living. You're stuck in your story and regret your decision to not move on

Angel talk Feb 2.

When I was little, I believed in magic, superman, fairies, Santa, and all things.
When I turned into a teen, I no longer believed in magic and Santa.
When I turned into an adult, I didn't believe in anything . . . not even God.
In 2004, I got sick, and was desperate to get better. I reached into a place so deep in my heart and screamed to God to prove His existence. AND HE DID.
Today, I believe in magic and miracles. I know anything can materialize. I've seen some fantastic things happen.


The highers are putting this deeply on my heart right now. They want you to know that you already have the knowledge of truth within you. However, it's clouded by judgment and life's surroundings. You are here to create. You create from every level of your psyche already. Why not do it deliberately?

Magic and miracles aren't just for some. They are a part of your divine birthright. The fact that you have little faith is due to your upbringing and beliefs.

Yes, you can perform all types of magic.


Angel talk, Jan. 30th

Today's message focuses on what you're focusing on. Sounds confusing, but it's not.
Focusing, or being aware, is a pivotal point in the law of attraction. As I ALWAYS say, beliefs must be in alignment with what you're telling yourself. And YES!!! They are different. Your beliefs are different than what ego says.
Next, once you get your beliefs congruent with your desires, action must take place. What type of action? Start focusing more on your desire. Think about it more. Talk about it more. Research it more. Get engrossed in your desire until YOU HAVE BECOME YOUR DESIRE. The mental aspect is key, but taking physical steps is the counterpart to the creative process.


My highers are saying that the physical world is a place of mental work. There can be no shift if you don't become aware. In your awareness, you will admit that your life needs to change. In the admitting of this, you will take the next step which is the concrete decision to make the change. Then you will take your next physical step in changing.
The highers understand that ego gets in the way. They want you to tell yourself all day long that you're here for the experience and that without focus, you won't have the experience.
****ASIDE**** If you don't want to repeat this life, take action.

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You've heard the expression

Well, if you think about it, it's true.
If you hang with gossipy people, you are then gossipy too.
If you hang with people who are out of work, you are then in a mindset that relates.
If you hang with people who do drugs then your mind and energy are invaded with low vibing thoughts.

Whatever you surround yourself with you shall be a part of—whether you realized it or not.
What are you doing throughout the day? Who are you hanging with? Who are you talking to? Who are you hating? Loving? Jealous of? Gossiping about?

If you want a successful business, stay the heck away from drama and energy vampires.
If you want good health, surround yourself with uplifting books, TV shows, and people.
When you find yourself out of whack, bring yourself back by becoming aware of who you are becoming.



The angels have been talking to me since 3 am this morning, filling me with all types of ideas that they wanted me to express to you. They want me to emphasize the power of facing the truth. I know this is a given—we all know the saying that the truth shall set us free. But did you know that most of your issues are caused by not dealing with YOUR TRUTH?

The angels are telling me that denial is NOT just a river, and that to deny your emotional pain is to deny your very existence, which ultimately results in the body breaking down. I'm being told many of you are facing a betrayal in your relationships resulting from low self esteem. Most of this is caused because of your caretakers not expressing love. My heart aches for each of you. But dear friends, this too shall pass.

The angels are telling me that the past is only a thought that you hold onto, and the reason you hold onto it is because you feel you have nothing to believe in at this time in your life. The ego is a mysterious element of the psyche. It needs to feel alive and will grasp at ANYTHING to feel alive—even painful memories.

This winter, I will be holding sessions for neutralizing these types of pain. I hope you will join me in letting go and living life.


Good morning and Happy New Year  2018

My angels are strongly telling me that starting in this moment, you must make decisions based on your feelings and not someone else's. They want you to know that they are always with you, and are here to guide you, HOWEVER, they will NOT interfere with your choices. You must make your own decisions. It's called free will.

They are telling me that lessons must be learned in order for your soul to expand.

Health issues: They are telling me about back problems. Those of you right now suffering from lower back issues please, please examine how you feel about your home life and money. This is the root of your pain.

Breathing problems and chest pain: The angels are saying that besides the obvious, such as smoking, those who are having difficulties breathing must examine their relationships and why you are allowing people to step all over you?

MONEY: This year is a pivotal moment for you to step up your game. If money is what you're looking to achieve and it's not happening, you have a deep belief that you aren't deserving and that you can't handle it. Examine this and clear this belief and things will change for you!!

I hope this helps.

The angels are very excited to be reaching out to you. God bless 

Angel talk Dec 11th

Greetings to all you Soul-jers of light

Today, I'm guided to talk about clarity.

The highers want you to take time and make that concrete decision of what it is you want out of life.
If you're moving in several directions, you may be settling and selling yourself short.
Although you may believe you can juggle several careers at once, the truth is, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.
It's not that you can't do several things at once—you can. There isn't a law that says you can't. But when you juggle too many things, quality and clarity get lost in the shuffle.

So, take time. Think about what you're truly good at. Think about what makes you soulfully happy. Think about what fills you with joy and then focus, focus, focus on that.

Peace to all today!


Angel talk Nov 24th

Put on me this morning. Extremely, if not, critically important.


My angels want you to use your imagination as you read this.


In life, humans follow an illusion which we call a time line. This time line gives the human experience its sense of accomplishment. It's a physical law that governs the human.

That said.

When we're born, we begin our process of evolving. We go to grade school. In school, we're either a class below our peers or a class above our peers. We continue on in school to junior high and then high school. There are always people graduating before us. We're always following others in this way. There are those who are behind us, who have yet to get to the level we're at. It's about human timing.

We EACH have to take the appropriate steps to get our knowledge and experience. There is always someone ahead of us and behind us. When our time is here to be where we're supposed to be, we're there . . . at the exact moment when we're supposed to be. Be it grade school, high school, or college. Be it, friendships, engagements, and marriage. It's all done in a time frame—in a time line.

There are others before us and others after us. We don't judge our older peers who've come before us. And we don't get jealous of our younger peers who've yet to experience where we are at this moment. We just move gracefully through the time line of life.

In spiritual development, you SHALL BE the same way. You will get it when it's your time to get it. You will develop your knowledge when you've reached that moment in the time life for you to grasp it. You can't force the development of any particular thing. When you're ready—and your soul knows when you're ready—you shall get there.

It could be this life time, but maybe not. Those of us who are extremely evolved may have gone through many lifetimes to get to this point, and we may seem so evolved to those who know little, but that's only because we went to the school of knowledge for many lifetimes. If you bump into a highly evolved spiritual person, don't judge or fret. They've done the homework. They've been around for lifetimes. Now they're ready to graduate.

You will have your moment to graduate as well.

Live! Be! Experience it. Learn! Those who are evolved are ready to teach you. They are here as part of your spiritual graduation..


Angel message Nov 15th

Peace is what we strive for, yet, peace isn't obtained through threats or force.
If you want peace, speak peacefully. If you want peace, actions speak volumes. If you want peace, walk the walk.

For those who are at odds with a co-worker or friend. Walking away sometimes provokes the other party to believe that you don't care. If you're having an issue with another, tell the other person you would love to resolve it but only if they calm down. Give them a head's up that you will walk away if it can't be talked-out.

My guides are saying that everyone wants to be heard, but if you want to be listened to, do it peacefully, and you shall.

Angel message Nov 12th

Why is action always needed?
The physical world is an experience the soul seeks in order to manifest its ideas; to make them flesh and tangible.
However, the physical world is also a place where action must be taken in order to create.

When you consciously take action, you're sending messages to every part of your existence that says, I'M WORTHY. I'M DOING THIS. I'M TAKING CHARGE OF MY LIFE. I'M TAKING A STEP IN THE DIRECTION OF MY IDEAS.

When you take an action, you're giving yourself permission to be in charge of your life. The message sent to the universe is then positive and reinforced by what you get back.
When you remain stagnant for fear of making the wrong action, your vibration and intention tells the universe to halt—you're saying, DON'T SEND ME MY DREAMS FOR I FEAR THEM.

Think. Dream. Smile. Breathe. Move in love. Walk in faith. Fall with a giggle. Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and take another step.

When you do the above, the message you're telling the universe is, BRING IT. I'M READY AND WON'T BACK DOWN.


Angel talk Nov 9th

All day we choose things. We do this by way of our beliefs. Everyday, we make decisions. We make them based on what we believe will be the outcome. Beliefs are the key to life and what you attract in life.
Over the years, I've dropped all ideas concerning religion. I only believe in God. Period. In my conversations with my highers and with the Lord, I've formed a belief that God wants me to be like Him. He wants me to create like He creates. He won't stand in my way of anything because He gave me free will to choose my life's plan and all events.
I used to ask God for forgiveness for many things. Then I came to understand that God doesn't judge!!! Therefore, I had to also understand that forgiveness is something the human must do for themselves.
When you grasp the concept of God, and when you grasp the concept that you are created in His image, and when you grasp the concept of the law of attraction, you take giant leaps in dropping all the bullshit.
You are God, here on earth, and as such, you get to decide if you're lovable, deserving, happy, sad, and if you're worthy of forgiveness.

Yes, folks. Pinning our bullshit on God is old-school thinking. By blaming God, we step away from taking responsibility for our lives. Time to step up, own your shit, and move on.

Angel message Nov 8th,

I'm an extremely early riser, and I believe part of this is so I can connect with my highers in a quiet and calm space. At 3 am, it's quiet. It's the time when I do my best work—on every level.
This morning, I was guided to talk about taking one project at a time and giving it your undivided attention.

We want to get things done. We want to be a jack-of-all trades. Yet to be a master, one must be diligent in their field. They must have the full experience of knowing their craft. inside and out.

If you find yourself trying to be a master in more than one field, or if you find that you truly are spreading yourself thin, take a moment to ask why you're doing this.
If you're aiming for success, you must place your attention on one thing until you've honed it and experienced it fully.

If you're trying to do it all, there will be limited success and multiple setbacks.
When it comes to career, developing relations, and health, focus is key.

F O C U S. F O C U S.

My guides know what they're talking about.

You've heard the expression—A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND A MASTER OF NONE? Examine why you feel you must be doing everything. If you examine this, you'll come to understand that you fear failure.


Angel talk Oct 30th


Today, I'm guided to talk about truth. You may find yourself in sticky situations this upcoming week. You may be in a position to be honest about your feelings, but you hesitate.
The reason for the hesitation is to not offend another.

The angels want you to understand that in not speaking your truth, you will suffer from the emotions of guilt, and this will not benefit your health.
We understand that telling someone the truth is a difficult task; especially when they are sensitive and very prone to becoming defensive.



If you have to be honest, due it tactfully and with love.

Always follow your heart. You can't go wrong.



We wake, wondering what will come of our new day. We proceed, thinking the same thoughts as the day before. We are unhappy, and can't pinpoint exactly what is causing it. Could it be boredom? Could it be lack of money? Maybe it's loneliness?

There are so many elements to our existence which we believe are missing. We become upset because we don't know how to change it.

We begin to feel helpless—hopeless.

It's not that we don't give it our best shot. We do. But somehow, it's not working. It seems that nothing we do works; we always end up back to square one.

I have been in this place. I have lived here. I know this place all too well. I hate this place and I hate going there. When my travels bring me back to this place, I take out my journal and begin writing. I write every single idea and thought that comes into my head. I write it all — even if it makes absolutely no sense—EVEN IF IT'S NOT GOOD, I write it. After all, we can't hide from what we are thinking. We can try to push it down as though we have total control over the feelings that rise within us, but that's a lie. We don't have control over our feelings. Our feelings are our guiding post. They are there for a reason. So I write. And I write. And I write. Until there isn't anything left.


When you visit this place, write. Get your thoughts down so you can view them. If you do this, you will find the missing pieces. You will get answers. And if you do this every time you visit this place, the visits will lessen. I know this.

And the angels want you to know this.


Pain. Angel talk Oct 15th

I believe every human who has lived has endured some form of pain. Pain is the inevitable suffering of disharmony in our lives. Whether it's physical or mental, pain is the cause of our unhappiness.

It doesn't matter who I talk to, every person wants to be free of their pain. We take extreme measures of be free of it. We go on crusades, we join organizations, we take meds, we drink, form groups, see psychiatrists. Pain is a part of our lives.

Why do we suffer?

I'm guided to give you this message today. I hope you find value in it.

Your pain is real. It feels real, hurts like hell, brings you down, and makes you unhappy.
However, all pain is caused from your beliefs around your worth. Emotional pain, suffering, and anxiety, are caused from beliefs that were formed at an extremely young age.

The mind is in control of your existence. If you allow it to wander, you will also allow it to take what it observes from the outer world, which will then result in the breakdown of YOUR cells.


A simple but effective practice to do for pain: ON THE ONSET OF ANY EMOTIONAL OR PHYSICAL PAIN, quickly grab a pen and paper and jot down what the pain is that you're feeling. Think back on your day and take note WHEN the pain started.

My guides want you to understand that most of your pain is caused by mental discord and the fear of humiliation. Think about this.

Your pain serves you in some type of way. Figure out what it does for you. Do you control others with your pain? Do you get plenty of attention with your pain? Does it make you feel alive? Does it keep you from taking the next big step in your life?

Ah, yes. Your pain serves a purpose. You can choose whether to keep it or not.


Angel message, Oct 14th

The answer lies within the YES.

Today's message is so simple, yet, it may be the best message the angels can give you.
We are our own worst enemy. We conjure ideas and untruths which are most often distorted and damaging.

For today, practice this easy and powerful trick. Just keep saying YES. When you allow yourself the simple feeling of the word YES, you are allowing the flow of high vibration.

In saying the word YES to yourself, whenever a damaging thought pops up, you are counteracting the damaging effects. You can't say YES and NO at the same time. When you choose YES, you're allowing all good things to enter your energy space.

Saying YES to yourself works. Allow yourself the divine essence of agreement with your higher self.
Take 15 minutes, have a coffee, sit in peace, and just allow you to be you.

Say YES.


For October 12th

1) Doors opening are constant. Opportunities are ALWAYS there. High energy is perpetual. Money is fluent. Good health a choice.

2) Awakening is a given. When you become AWARE of anything, you instantly become awakened.

For today?

The universe provides 24/7, so it's up to you to take the risk---to walk through any fears---in order to have what you claim you want. Everything you want and dream of already exists. Learn to take it. There isn't any waiting for doors to open or opportunities to arise. It's already here; however, you don't see them out of your own fear of moving forward.

There is no awakening. There is only awareness. Open your eyes and walk through the door. Your opportunity will be there waiting


Spirit wants you to realize this . . .  October 10th

It takes a great deal of self-reflection to understand your worth. When you gain this transforming insight, you then hold yourself with high esteem and value your existence above anything else.
When you know your worth, and when you understand your reason for being here, you let go of relationships that don't serve you—after all, if you love yourself, why would you allow yourself to be abused by another?

Abuse comes in many disguises. I can list several, but I will mention one form of abuse, that to me, is just as disturbing as the rest.

When you allow others to walk on you, to take advantage of you, and to disregard your time and what you stand for, that's allowing yourself to be abused. Those who repeatedly disrespect your time and efforts are abusing you . . . and they don't care.

Time to disengage. Life is for reflection. It's so you can examine who you are in relation to the Lord. Loving oneself MUST come first.

Those who don't value you or your time, or your good will and intention? Well, that's their lesson to learn. However, it's your lesson to not let repeat offenders keep offending.


From Spirit today

Your mindset is the ticket to creation. Your mindset is the result of a deeper belief system. Those of you who dream of peace shall find peace---because peace is in your heart, it's in your mind, and the result will be to attract it.
If your mindset is full of anger and frustration, it's due to a deeper belief system. Those of you who think of anger shall find anger, and because you're attracting anger, you will continue to feel the anger.
Your mindset is your clue to what you subconsciously believe.

Your anger is there for a reason. 
Your peace is there for a reason.

What you feel you think. What you feel you attract. And it all stems from what you believe.
Your subconscious isn't a make believe thing. It is a major part of your psyche. It's what causes you to react. It causes you to choose. It causes you to feel.

Peace to you

Angel talk Sept 20th

For today!

The message today was given to me strongly. Please read this several times as it applies to not only continuing education, but relationships--that need to be ended---and jobs that need to be walked away from

Often, people will go into continuing education, and afterward, not step into the field they studied. They, then, design a belief that they aren't ready and need more schooling, and so, they continue with other classes. This is a classic case of avoidance, or plainly put, fear of rejection.
Let's not spend the rest of our lives avoiding that first step. Any action is a good action because you're moving your energy with full intention.

We can spend our lives in school, learning. There's no experience in that. Step into your proficient study and allow it to move.


Sept 18th, 2017

For today.

Your mind is capable of doing astounding feats.

You're made of energy. Everything is energy. When you learn to connect to the energy, magik happens.
Doubt, guilt, and damaging beliefs stop you from positive creativity. Oh, you're creating, but you're creating EXACTLY WHAT YOU DON'T WANT!

Tap into the energy. Learn the law of attraction. Clear your damaging beliefs, create from a neutral state of mind, and then live the life you dreamed of.


September 15th

We dream in order to work out our problems. We dream to connect to our higher self. We dream to astral travel. In my opinion, we dream for all these reasons. But to me, the most important reason is to garner what the heck is happening in our physical life that needs attention.


I know many people believe in the actual symbol itself. Example: a baby. Many people believe that dreaming of babies means a chance of pregnancy. I've been guided to say that dreaming of babies isn't about being pregnant. It's about new beginnings.
Another example is teeth. Many people believe when they dream of their teeth falling out or crumbling that they are in dire need of a dentist. While it may be true that we need to see the dentist, the meaning behind teeth falling out or crumbling is the fear of not having your needs met. Teeth are a permanent part of our bodies. PERMANENT. When we dream of them decaying or crumbling or falling out, we fear our life is falling apart. The fear is wrapped around the belief that our stability is shaky; that our place here on earth isn't solid---that we will die someday. Our security is gone.
So, symbols do have value and serve a purpose. What do your symbols mean to you? If you begin to examine them past what your logic tells you, you can find out what is driving you to success, to failure, or to unhappiness.

For today?

Examine your dreams and discover the truth of what you're not dealing with.


September 13th 

What if we could have anything in the world?

What if we didn't have any fears of self-worth, rejection, humiliation, and removal?

What if we could take a minute to close our eyes and imagine the space around us as active? Vibrating? Pulsating? Waiting for our feelings to penetrate it?

Just imagine this. Just imagine the space is luring you. It's calling to you. It will respond to your command.

What if you could put any desire into this space.

What would it be?

Do it. Put your deepest desire into this space. Send it out by saying, I love me and it is done!
Open your eyes, heart feeling full of love, and forget it.

Breathing in, letting go of all pain and hurts, breathing out, moving on with life. . .

And so it is.







Today I'm guided to do an energy healing on all those who visit this page and those who are on Facebook.

The world is a mess. People are full of fear. This fear in itself is creating more earthly disaster.
I am here to do my part in the universal healing.

If you want healing, give me permission in the comment box and CLICK THE "LIKE PAGE" here, or on Facebook.      

Valentine deFrancis Psychic Medium Core healer--FACEBOOK PAGE

I will tell Creator to heal, and Creator will heal what is necessary for each individual.

Amen sisters and bros. Amen to allowing. Amen to understanding.

Amen to taking your control back.


Today, I'm guided to touch base on the law of attraction.

Attraction . . .

If you put on a costume, are you still the same person underneath? Who you are deep down is your attraction meter. What you portray to the world is your costume. You will not attract what you portray; you will not attract anything that isn't of the real you.

What you are, what you believe, and what you truly truly feel is what you attract. You can wear any mask you choose, but you will only attract that which you are.


Angel talk Sept 7th, 2017

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Blessings and Peace

Angel talk Sept 6th, 2017

The first two weeks of September are going to be filled with turmoil and uncertainty. The angels want you to know that if you're in a relationship, keep it real.

What does this mean?

Don't be critical. Think before you over-react. Listen before you judge. 

If you follow these simple but powerful ideas, your relationship will ride out the storm.

Blessings and peace

Angel talk Sept 5th, 2017

I'm fascinated with our universe. I can look at pictures of it all day. What truly fascinates me is the structure. Planets aligned in the sky--never falling--perfect!
Today's message correlates with this picture. In our lives, we're so focused on ourselves, when in fact, we are co-creators with all the other people on our planet. What we focus on, as a group, shall become flesh.


Feelings of resentment may flare up. You may feel this anger toward someone you know and not fully understand why. My guides are telling me there's underlying anger at yourself for not taking the action you need to take to fix your circumstances; therefore, you are projecting your feelings onto people around you.
ANGER is a weird emotion. When we suppress it, the ego finds ways to make you take action. You may pick a fight with someone as a means of letting some of the anger dissipate--never fully realizing that your psyche has manipulated the incident.


This way you don't have to own anything. You end up blaming someone else for the incident and that gets you off the hook for showing your anger.



Monday, September 4, 2017

Good morning to all souljers of light

The angels are strongly talking this morning and have plenty to say about the upcoming week.

To those of you going back to work, the message is to take a deep breath and focus on you! What does that mean? Do your best. Keep your mind in the moment. Let those around you worry about themselves. This will help you maintain a calm disposition.

The energy is very heavy this week due to Hurricane Harvey and the angels want you to stay focused on SOULUTIONS, not problems. 


Breathe slowly. Repeat the word SOULUTIONS throughout the day. This will keep you on track to attracting answers, not more problems.

Peace to you always


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