ClearConscience Technique

People across the world are in a frenzy over the law of attraction and why it isn't working for them.  After extensive research. and after writing HOUSE OF INTENTION, I put together a healing modality that gets to the core of what stops people from manifesting their desires.

When The Secret came out, people went nuts trying to think positively all day long. The book stated that this is how the law of attraction works. But when I read The Secret six times, and still didn't manifest any of my desires, I knew there was an element missing and I was determined to find out what that was.

Three years later, not only did I find the key component, I put it to the test for a solid year. What I uncovered? The core beliefs of a human is what governs the law of attraction.

Core beliefs are beliefs that we develop as small children. They are the beliefs we form while observing our care takers—mom and dad. We develop these erroneous beliefs—they're erroneous because at such a young age we don't have the ability to determine if they're right or wrong — and make them the foundation of how we interact with life. The problem is these beliefs are subconscious, and therefore, we aren't aware of them. Hence the term, core beliefs.

When you're trying to deliberately create a better life and it's not working, there's a core belief governing your show which is blocking you, and until you unmask the belief, you will continue to attract undesirable outcomes which are governed by the core belief.

In my research, I came across the RELEASE TECHNIQUE created by Lester Levine. I practiced this technique, studied it, tweaked it, and used it along with my psychic abilities.

The ClearConscience Technique delves right into the core of the belief system. Through a series of muscle testing, combined with my psychic ability, I get to the heart of the matter and then begin the process of releasing stored thought-form.

more to come.

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