Paranormal Pics

These are just a few pictures I've taken that show angels and spirits. I've got dozens—some very important to me; such as my mother, who was in a window of a house in a cornfield, and my father who was standing in front of a house I bought after he died. I don't want to post them as they are private.
If you have any pictures or experiences with ghosts, spirits, or angels, I'd love to hear about them.

Spirit swirling around Crown of Thorn plant by window

Angel's left side profile—nose, mouth, chin and eyelid
Check out all the orbs near the ceiling and on the right wall
Angel's right side profile—nose, mouth, and chin

Orbs in basement kitchen

Orbs seen in the street at night

These are pictures of
my angels. Look closely.
Notice their shapes and their
outstretched arms.

Angel swooping down with arms outstretched.

Angel landing on beach in Montauk, NY

Angel in form of bird in flight

 Orbs on the ceiling

A string of orbs near the oven