Oh, Vallie!

Now, let's talk about me . . .

I really am a shy person when it comes to writing about myself. But in view of the fact that this page is the About Me page, I suppose I better get to it.

Well, I'm a lot of things, (only nice things) but if I have to get to the heart of who I am, I'm a seeker of knowledge—a restless spirit who needs to expand. I'm an artist—I paint with words. I write anything that comes to mind, but I seem to gravitate toward the paranormal and contemporary romance. I've written three paranormal stories. The first, MASTER OF THE REALM—a self published true account of how I connected with the other side. The second, House of Intention, the paranormal sequel to MASTER OF THE REALM, and the third, GIN LANE, a paranormal adult thriller, which has been released May 2014. I also write romance comedy and have released NOTE TO SELF— a hilarious yet power-packed suspense story of how three middle-aged, totally opposite divorced women go to Vegas to forget their cheating spouses and end up as accomplices in a mob hit.

As a writer, I can't be held down to one particular genre. And I suppose that's true of any artist. When something's in your heart and it fills every fiber of your being, you have to go with it, and that's what I do; despite what the "industry" claims is selling or not.

I guess if I had to tell you one thing about myself that isn't apparent in my writing, it's that I don't follow trends. I don't follow people. I walk to my own beat. Always have, always will.  I've learned that you MUST remain true to yourself. You must do what your heart dictates. You must follow your gut instinct, always. You must walk with your head high and most importantly, you must not let rejection, of any type, get to you. Because if you understand that writing, as with any other art form, is subjective, you'll know that the rejection isn't personal.

Life is too short to let anyone other than yourself control the direction of your dreams.

Moving on. I am a studier of the mind (made up the word studier) and have done extensive research in the fields of panic disorder, metaphysics, healing, and NLP, and have been certified as an NLP Master Practitioner who's studied under the famous Steve G. Jones.

Another thing about me that you may find interesting is that I have a connection to the other side and talk to spirit and angels all day long. In following with this passion and purpose, I've become a Certified Angel Card Reader through the famous and wonderful angel expert, Doreen Virtue, for those who prefer to have a reading done with the use of tarot.

Since my psychic abilities have grown, I've found that I'm able to communicate with those who've crossed, as well as pick up life events for those living. If you'd like a reading, please email me on Facebook or at valentine.defrancis@yahoo.com. I only accept Paypal at this time.

So, how do you like me now? (threw in a little Toby Keith for any country music lovers)

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Terry Williams said...

I use to like you....Now I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!